River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter to The Editor concerning unequal justice

September 2005

Graham voices his displeasure at the apparent different codes of justic for the rich and the poor

Dear Ray,

I wrote in the June edition of the Pump about the very lenient treatment afforded to Lord Greville Howard after he was caught driving at 117 mph, and how, because of his position, he was able to keep his licence. Recently, we have had the other side of the coin.

A taxi driver, who was on his way to deposit funds raised for The East Anglian Air Ambulance, was pulled in and breath-tested at one milligram over the legal limit. He was not stopped because of his driving but because some rat tipped off the police that he might be over the limit. Unlike Lord Greville, he lost his licence which means that for the next year his family will be on benefit support.

Now, I am certainly not condoning drinking and driving, but I would suggest that a man driving at 117 mph is far more danger to other road-users than somebody who it was admitted in court drove perfectly well and committed no offence except being one milligram over the limit. I always believe that there is an exception to every law made and it should have been invoked on this occasion in my view.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Forster

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