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The Methodist Newsletter for August

August 2005

Matt reviews the mixes emotions of the past month

Stoke Ferry Methodist Chapel

Aug 7th 11.00 Mrs Maggie Blowers

Aug 14th 11.00 Mrs Ruth Palmer

Aug 21st 3.00 Revd Andrew Sankey

Aug 28th 11.00 Mrs Barbara Foster

What a month July has been. First, the Live 8 concerts making clear the need to make poverty history, the very best of humanity's will coming together. Then, there is the elation of London winning the 2012 Olympic games. Yet, with all the good of this month, it will be remembered for the bomb blasts in London. For many years to come, the knock on effect of what the four young men did to the London transport system will be felt. We can never go back and forget what has happened.

As a minister, I have had many ask me questions about it. 'How come God let this happen?' 'Why is there such evil?' You know the questions, I am sure, for you like me will have asked them yourselves. Many have also asked what should be done if anybody is caught. Some have stated that death sentence should be bought back or we should step up our war on terror.

We all have mixed feelings of anger and terror, but as Christian I want to try and ask myself what would Christ have done. When I do this I am haunted by the passage from the Bible, which states, "when somebody strikes you on one cheek, turn the other also". Jesus was saying no to revenge or further violence for this would result in falling to the level of the one who strikes, to pursue violence and hatred to communicate ones feeling. Christ's teaching is not weak and resigned to violence, instead he is calling for something far harder, to seek the way of peace to in the face and against the one who has wronged you. As we try to fathom a way forwards, as we recover from the shock of all that has happened, may we promote peace, love our neighbour and embraces the stranger. This way those who endeavour to harm us will find themselves confronted by those whose actions are of love and tolerance something which no terrorist attack can overcome nor take away.

God Bless,

Matt Finch

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