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Another letter to the Editor

August 2005

Graham pokes a finger at Tesco and their pursuit of ever more store sites

Dear Ray,

I could not help giving a wry smile when I heard about the collapsing tunnel on the railway line at Gerrards Cross. This is being especially constructed so that Tesco can build a supermarket on top of it!

Those who saw the money programme over a month ago, will remember the ruthless, megalomaniacal Managing Director of Tesco being interviewed. There was a certain wildness about him and his eyes frightened me very much. His mantra is that nothing will stop Tesco in pursuit of their goals, the main one being owning 91% of all retail outlets in the UK within fifteen years. Bicester, a town of only 32,000 people, is an example of how they are progressing with seven stores in and around the town plus one under construction.

When Tesco tried to buy land in Gerrards Cross, the affluent council made sure that they did no such thing. So they applied to Network Rail to build over the top of the railway. Somehow, they obtained planning permission. "Nothing gets in the way of Tesco" was a quote from The Money Programme, and nothing did! But something has prevented the building from proceeding and that is the collapse of the tunnel. Tesco will live to rue this and are being forced to recompense Network Rail who will be unable to run their trains through Gerrards Cross for many weeks, if not months.

No doubt, the mighty Tesco will continue with all their future plans, but I hope that this has been a humbling experience for them. Also, God forbid that they achieve this massive market coverage, otherwise they will be the ultimate price controller and we will al bitterly regret it.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Forster

Graham, I could not agree more. We, the great unwashed British public, must oppose such draconian ambitions! Ed

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