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July 2005

Kit brings us some excellent news about the recently renovated Stoke Ferry Church, formerly All Saints

After the longer-than-anticipated first phase of renovation, the former All Saints' Church, Stoke Ferry is now available again for use. The Chapel (of 1848, by the Swaffham architect, W.J.Donthorn) seats forty and can be used for prayers, blessings, funerals and christenings. Weddings will need a

particular licence. The facility is free to parishioners, as long as they can cover expenses.

Larger numbers can spill over into the fifteenth-century Great Hall (an open, flagged Gothic room of 45 foot x 25 foot, with hammerbeam ceiling), which is suitable for concerts, exhibitions, photographic/location work and decorous social gatherings of up to one hundred people. There is a baby grand piano in situ. At present, those who wish to hire it will need to import chairs and catering equipment. There is a kitchen area with electric power, a lavatory, and a musicians' gallery. Rates are by negotiation, but will be greatly reduced to village residents.

Particular thanks in the endeavour must go to K-Plant, to Thomas Bonnet and Sons (in particular, to the late John Stocking, to whose respected memory the chapel may serve witness), and to Sylvek, the lead builder and restorer.

The exterior re-pointing and the planting of the churchyard will continue over the next year. It is hoped that a white-rose-garden will be established. Those wishing to contribute a rose in memory of an individual, or of an anniversary, are invited to contact the number below.

Anybody wishing to look round is welcome. Please telephone 01366. 500. 373.

Kit Hesketh-Harvey

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