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Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council

July 2005

Minutes of the Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in the Community Centre

At 7.30pm on Wednesday 1 June 2005

1. Those Attending: Mr. S Randall (Chairman), Mr. B Harrison, Mr. M. Mycock, Mrs. T Mann, Mr. M Ferrie, Mr. M Evans, Mr. C Stocking, Mrs. C Hardy (Clerk), Mrs. V Negus (Retiring Clerk), Mr. Ady Chaplin and 7 members of the public.

2 Apologies were received from Councillor T Manley

3. Minutes of the last Meeting: Mr. Stocking proposed that the minutes be adopted, seconded by Mr. Evans.

4. Matters Arising:

b) Outstanding Planning Matters - almost 8 weeks have now elapsed and still no response received, agreed to write again to chase up these items.

c) Mobile Police Station - e-mail received from PC Smith advising that Stoke Ferry are in the system. A letter to be sent to Inspector Bates with a further request for next year also asking for a Community Support Officer.

f) Pot hole in Buckenham Drive has now been repaired but white lines still to be reinstated.

g) Grassed area by bungalows - Mr. Manley responded saying he thought this should wait until the council housing stock had been taken over. It was agreed that a further letter be sent enquiring who is responsible for this area.

4. Community Safety & Young People: Mr. Ady Chaplin informed the meeting of the current position in respect of the Playing Fields. Funding has been approved for the skateboard park which should be commenced shortly, funding still to be confirmed for the ball court. Residents in the immediate vicinity of the playing fields should be visited on 2 June 2005 seeking their views. Mr. Chaplin made a request to the Parish Council for assistance towards funding running costs of the new lighting; this would depend on the type. After considerable discussion it was agreed that Mr. Ferrie would liaise with Mr. Chaplin to investigate type, number and running costs by next meeting.

5 Planning:

Overhead line at land at Oxborough Road and Resubmission of The Quarry, Furlong Drove - a request for a further 48 hours consideration time to be made.

Barn Oxborough Road - Grant of Planning Permission received with conditions

Selfs Stores Lynn Road - A5 takeaway- Grant of Planning Permission received with conditions - write to planning to check whether A3 or A5 and what is the difference

The Birches Boughton Road - extension to dwelling - approved with no comments

6. Payments for Approval:

NCAPTC - Parish & Town Councillors Guide Book - £14.50

Mrs. Negus 1/4 salary to end May - £325.00

Mrs. Negus expenses 1/4 to end May - £61.31

Mr. C Stocking proposed approval for payment seconded by Mrs. T Mann

7. Adoption of Annual Accounts:

The Statement of Assurance and Financial Regulations and Financial Risk Assessment were understood and agreed. Mr. Stocking proposed adoption of the accounts seconded by Mr. M Ferrie

8. Consecration:

All arrangements now in place, order of service sheets printed, service at 4.00pm in cemetery followed by tea and cakes in the Village Hall.

9. Liaison Meeting:

Mr. Harrison gave a resume of the meeting which took place this afternoon, 25 complaints had been received since last meeting, smell, noise, dust and transport. Control of site transfers from the Borough Council to the Environment Agency from October. No definite answer to question of whether emissions from the factory are harmful to humans. It was agreed a letter be sent to the Borough Council and Grampian requesting information on emissions and their affect on humans.

10. Village Design Statement:

Mr. Harrison highlighted various points in the statement; it was agreed that the village will expand considerably over the next 10 years or so and it was important many aspects are taken into account i.e. design on buildings, no high-rise properties, amenities etc. There will be an open meeting in the Church at 7.30pm on 16 June. It was agreed that this should be a joint statement with residents, organisations and businesses being involved. A copy of the current draft statement to go round in the diplomatic bag for comments and discussion at the next meeting.

11. Correspondence:

Care & Repair West Norfolk - Independent Home Improvement Agency for senior citizens

Copy of letter from Planning & Transport to Grampian

Alfred McAlpine - discontinuing street lighting maintenance from end July

D G Hill - request for installation of a Memorial for John Christopher Stocking - approved

Emerson & Son - request for installation of Memorial for Jean Selina Paterson - approved

H Brett & Son - request for installation of Memorial for Frederick Douglas Payne - approved

West Norfolk Sports Council - invitation to meeting on 8 June at Lynn sport - no action

Norfolk Rural Community Council - invitation to subscribe - no action

Norfolk Fire Service, Local Risk Manager request to attend a meeting - no action at present

12. Councillors Other Business:

a) Mr. Stocking reported that the footpath at Chapman's Field has still not been reinstated - letter to be sent

b) Mr. Ferrie queried why grass verge had not been cut opposite the Community Centre - to be investigated

c) Mr. Randall reported unacceptable grass cutting in playing fields on 4 May - letter to be sent also reminder about strimming

d) Mr. Harrison reported that the seat by the village sign damaged - agreed for it to be removed and to arrange for shrubs to be cut down lower

e) Mr. Harrison - Hedge in Bridge Road between culvert and Bull needs cutting - investigate ownership/who responsible

f) Mr. Evans reported hedge at 41 Buckenham Drive overgrown

13. Public Other Business

A large number of dogs seem to be taken/go into the playing fields, now playing fields improved this should not happen, new signs to be erected and note to go in the Pump.

The Village Design Statement a good idea so long as all organisations/villagers etc are consulted

Shelter to be erected at top end on playing fields for the older children to use

The next meeting was arranged for Wednesday 13 July 2005 at 7.30pm.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.45pm.

Patsy White

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