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July 2005

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July 31st 11.00 Mr Bob Cross

Do you like Bob Geldof? I am not sure whether I do or not. Some people love him others don't. He seems extremely outspoken and scruffy, he has plenty of money and contacts, he loves his family and the world in which he lives. He seems to like to be in the headlines yet he is not always happy in front of the cameras.

Whatever you think of Sir Bob we need all to sit up and take note of what he is doing for those around the globe in abject poverty. He is launching the Live8 concerts to raise awareness of world debt and poverty. He has called for thousands to march upon the G8 submit this month to demonstrate to the world's most powerful leaders that we must stop our unfair trade and monetary systems. Some statistics illustrate the importance of making sure the leaders come to decisions that profit all:

* 30,000 people dying needlessly every day, just because they're poor

* A child dies every 15 seconds from water-related diseases.

* One woman dies every minute as a result of problems in pregnancy or childbirth. Of these, 99% are in developing countries.

* 8 million lives could be saved every year if minimal healthcare was available in developing countries.

You may like or dislike the man Bob Geldof, but we must all recognise his willingness to do something with gifts that he has. We may not have status of Sir Bob, nor his money or friends, but we do have what we have. Maybe friends to tell about trade justice, commodities to by fair trade, MP's to petition, money to give or simply wear our white 'Make Poverty History' bands. This summer lets use the little we have and use it to make a difference to those in our world who have nothing.

God Bless, Matt Finch

Revd Matt Finch

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