River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter to the Editor

July 2005

John pours out his concern at his lack of quality of life.

Dear Ray,

I seem to have a bad few weeks lately. First I began to doubt the wisdom of moving to Downham when I found myself listening unwillingly to loud music being played by a neighbour. I did complain to the Housing Association officer who suggested I put cotton wool in my ears. I found it very difficult to hear the television over the background noise, but on the advice of the TV rental company, I bought some good earphones and I can now hear OK. Of course, the earphones mean that I don't interfere with my neighbours by having the TV too loud.

Then I had trouble with workman! I waited for them at the specified time, but they didn't turn up. When I checked the 1571 service, I found they had left me a message asking me to ring them to confirm a different date for the work to be done. So instead of hanging around, I decided to go onto King's Lynn to do some shopping. I bought two nice new shirts but when I got them home I found the shirt to be a about three sizes smaller than it said on the label. The worst of it was, I couldn't take them back to exchange them for a larger size because I had shredded my receipt. So the charity shop benefited from my mistake.

To complete my bad time, I ordered an Inspector Frost video from the newsagent in town. I had to put down a deposit but now I have lost the receipt. Just how unlucky can one be?

Yours sincerely,


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