River Wissey Lovell Fuller


June 2005

SFRA Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Committee Meeting held on 12 April 2005

1. Present: Brian Harrison (Chairman), Ray Thompson (Deputy Chairman). Tim Read (Treasurer), Committee members: Guy de Montfort. Alan Whitford. Mandy Leamon, Debroy Summers.

Apologies for absence: Glen Kaveney, Dawn Beckwith

2. Minutes of the previous meeting (23/2/05): The Treasurer proposed acceptance as a correct record, seconded GdM. All agreed.

3 Matters arising

(3.3a): Everything proposed is being raised with the Parish Council. (3.3b): The telephone box has been repaired.

(11 .a): All documents originated by Chris Hollier during his time as Community Officer had been received. It was noted that Oak Road Residents' objected to its designation as Oak Road Estate - this had originated from Chris Hollier's documentation.

(11 .b): Newsletter: Marion Clarke has agreed to write this.

(11 .c): Waterworks houses - noted the continuing problem was two-fold: very loud music being played and speeding motorbikes. Additionally syringes have been found on the common. The registration of a car involved has been passed to the police. The police had stated that if a woman reported threatening behaviour or intimidation, the incident would automatically become a Grade 2 problem.

(11 .1): Re. report of over-weight lorry using Bridge Road, this had resulted in a letter being written by Mr Durrance to the Village Pump editor alleging untrue allegations. The Chairman stated that the words 'thought to be' inferred no actual accusation. It was noted that if the lorry is empty then it is below the weight limit. Evidence has been submitted that the lorry is not over-weight and therefore legally justified.

DS stated that two other lorries have been noted using this road and believed to be over the weight limit. The companies involved had been notified. It was noted that the lorry registration is needed before the companies can take action.

(11 .g): The Treasurer reported that no cheque had as yet been received from the Borough Council for the Village Hall hire before Christmas.

4 Ratification

The Chairman reported that RT, GdM and himself had met with the Borough Council who now recognised the Residents' Association as a bona fide organisation. He added that the Association will be used as a model for how a Residents' Association should be run. Ray proposed that a representative from the Association now needs to be on TOWN (Tenants of West Norfolk). Rita O'Donnell (BC) had suggested an open meeting be held specifically for the tenants to talk about stock transfer and any other concerns. Mandy was asked to make general enquiries re. preferred time and date. Not all those present were happy about exclusion of non-tenants and it was agreed that the meeting should not be 'closed' but all council tenants should be invited personally.

5 Village Design Statement (VDS)

The Chairman stated that once accepted by the Borough Council, a village design statement would become integral to the planning process. Producing it has to be after open consultation of the draft, consultation with the planning and conservation authorities, followed by a notice in the newspapers and finally printing in a suitable format for anyone to consult. The Chairman had produced a first draft (circulated) and highlighted the fact that most of the village is a conservation area, one large exception being the Grampian Foods site. It was hoped that the Residents' Association would use the VDS as a tool to make the inevitable development acceptable.

BH agreed to take the VDS to the Parish Council in order to invite support and hopefully help in producing VDS as a joint publication.

A working party was now required to take the VDS further. It was agreed that AW would approach Andrew Smith and RT would ask David and Marina Flanagan if they might be involved. The Chairman also to ask Marion Clarke. ML agreed to represent the tenants. DS agreed to chair the group and GdM and BH also to be members.

7 Funding

£150 set-up fee had been received from the Borough Council. The Treasurer confirmed that the account would be with Lloyds TSB in King's Lynn, with himself, the Chairman and Secretary as signatories. The Chairman reported that he had obtained forms for grants available to village organisations.

AW queried if somewhere might ultimately be available for a village memorabilia display and it was reported that Kit Hesketh-Harvey had already offered the church for this purpose. It was noted that the two current meeting places in the village - the Village Hall and the Community Centre - were heavily booked and that any increase in population would highlight the need for another venue. Any developer should be asked to give back something to the village'.

6 Open meeting

This was needed to put forward the visions/ideas for the village. Two key issues would be: (1) the Village Design Statement and (2) policing of the village. The Chairman would do a small presentation and the Police requested to send a representative. The need for an effective publicity campaign was agreed - to include the Lynn News and leaflets through every door. An initial questionnaire for Residents' opinions to be circulated. RT to draft questionnaire, flyer and programme for the meeting and check availability of the Village Hall in the week prior to the late May Bank holiday. Otherwise to enquire about availability of the church. Light refreshments would be available.

8 Stock Transfer

This was progressing and scheduled for completion on 24/10/2005.

9 Local Group Projects

In the absence of any representatives, the Secretary reported that the conversion of the adjoining building to the Village Hall was progressing well, apart from initial problems with the size of the double arch opening into the hail.

The Playing Field Committee were delighted with the recently installed new equipment, as were (apparently) the local children. A grant for £6800 had been received for the ~ phase - the Teen area - essentially an area for skateboarding. Further funding is anticipated for a 'ball court' area.

10. Local Groups

The Chairman highlighted the need to involve local groups and hoped that representatives would attend the open meeting.

11 Date of next meeting

Tuesday 10 May - to finalise open meeting arrangements.

12 AOB

ML agreed to represent the Residents' Association on TOWN.

The meeting closed at 9.40pm

Ray Thompson

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