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"Runnin' on"

June 2005

Janet has a critical view of shopping in West Norfolk!

Do you ever get cross when you go into your local shop to get your favourite biscuits or even a box of chocolates just in case a special friend drops in, only to find shelf upon shelf of peas, beans and everything else that you really aren't looking for?

Our much loved supermarket has just had a "Makeover", I expect someone is pleased with it; no doubt some poor shopper with very limited time to buy something for tea isn't so happy!

We are creatures of habit; we like to know that the bathroom is still where it has always been. No amount of trendy style is going to be welcome, well not until we have mulled it over for ages, or maybe been influenced by a magazine article!

I just get very cross when nothing is in the place it used to be in. Shopping should be a pleasure, not a run around the supermarket hoping that they still sell little Jimmy's favourite jelly!

I think we are expected to wander through the shop until we finally find the jelly, and of course, on our lengthy tour, we fill our basket with stuff we normally never buy and probably will never eat!

This is called, "Impulse buying", and it is just what supermarkets like. Now, I don't want you to think I'm a total misery over shopping, but even the staff is unable to find what I want. I know the shop stocks it, the staff know they sell it, and I know that my impulses are telling me to grab a couple of tins of beans and go home for a lie down while I regain my strength!

. June 2005

Janet Tilburn

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