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Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council

June 2005

Stoke Ferry Parish Council minutes for April

Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in the Community Centre

at 7.55pm on Wednesday 20th April 2005

Those attending Mr M Mycock (Chairman) Mr B Harrison, Mrs M Leaman,

Mrs T Mann, Mr M Ferrie, Mr M Evans, Mr C Stocking, Mr A White, Mr S Randall, Mrs V Negus (Clerk) P.C. P. Smith , 8 members of the public

No Apologies for absence

Election of Officers

Mr Mycock stated that he did not wish to stand for election for the office of chairman.

Mrs Mann proposed Mr White but Mr White declined due to pressure of other commitments

Mr Stocking proposed Mr Randall for the office of chairman, seconded by Mrs Mann.

There being no further nominations the proposal was carried.

Mr White proposed Mr Harrison for the office of vice chairman, seconded by Mrs Leaman. There being no further nominations the proposal was carried.

Mr Randall took the Chair.

Minutes of the last meeting. Mr Evans proposed that the minutes be adopted, seconded by Mr Stocking.

Matters Arising

(a) Parking problems -This is an on-going problem in the village and causes difficulty for school buses and public transport. P.C. Smith said that, in view of previous requests by the Council for considerate parking, tickets could be issued if residents were found to be parking illegally.

(b) Outstanding Planning Matters - Mr White pointed out that the Planning Department are doing all they can to catch up with their back-log of work but felt that they should be pressed if no action is apparent after approximately 8 weeks.

(c) Mobile Police Station - PC Smith pointed out that the schedule is arranged a year in advance and a new schedule is due to start in May. In view of their being no response from residents for a Parish Officer, PC Smith suggested that the Council could apply to have a Community Support Officer. Inspector Bates to be contacted again.

(d) Residents Association - Mr Harrison stressed that any items raised at the Residents Association that should be the remit of the Parish or Borough Councils would be directed to them and pointed out that the minutes of the meetings are featured in The Pump.

(e) People using the village hall on the occasion of the auctions are still causing parking problems. Clerk to contact the auctioneers to remind them of available parking on The Hill.

(f) Pot hole in Buckenam Drive - The Highways Department had assured the clerk that this would be dealt with immediately after the last meeting. Contact Highways again.

(g) Grassed area by the bungalows - It was felt that this area should have a more appropriate surface. This matter was raised at a previous meeting with Highways and the Borough Council and it was agreed that Mr Manley should be contacted again to ascertain if this can be carried out.


Application approved by Borough Council: Annexe, Willow Cottage, Thompsons Lane

Applications considered by Parish Council:

A3 takeaway at Selfs Stores, Lynn Road. Approved with request that provision be made to reduce possible litter, noise and smell. Mrs Mann declared an interest.

Extension at Furlong House, Furlong Road. Approved with request that contractors park offroad.

Conversion of barn at Oxborough Road - approved

Variation of Conditions at Acacia Waste - approved. Mr White declared an interest

Payments for Approval

Allianz Cornhill Insurance £565.92

Anglian Water Cemetery Water Rates £20.69

Alfred McAlpine 1/2 year lighting maintenance £238.98

NCAPTC annual subscription £153.14

Borough Council Cemetery Rates £31.65

Mrs V Negus 1/4 salary to end of February £325.00

Mrs V Negus expenses for the 1/4 to end of February £25.80


A date had been set by the Bishops office for Thursday 2nd June for the consecration of the cemetery extension. Following discussion it was agreed:

Part of the cemetery should be left unconsecrated. Mr Mycock will peg out an area

Refreshments would be provided after the service either at the village hall or at All Saints Lodge.

Date to be advertised in The Pump

As many Councillors will attend as possible

Mr Harrison will arrange for an Order of Service to be printed when agreed


Letter from Norfolk Fire Service - Local Risk Manager to be invited to a meeting

H Brett & Son - request for installation of a memorial for Mr F Kenny - approved

Michael Denney & Sons - request for internment and added inscription for Mrs I Middleton - approved.

Email from Ady Chaplin asking to attend the next meeting

Copy of letter from Mrs Egan to Councillor White regarding noise and dust from Grampians. Clerk to acknowledge letter and send copy to EHO and Grampians. Mr Harrison to raise the letter at the next Liaison meeting.

Councillors Other Business

(a) Mr Stocking queried why the footpath across Chapmans Field had not been reinstated. Mr Mycock pointed out that landowners are allowed 2 weeks after ploughing to reinstate a footpath.

(b) Mrs Mann wanted to record that she felt the Playing Field Committee had worked extremely hard and should be congratulated on their achievements.

(c) Broken lamp reported outside 35 Buckenham Drive

(d) Highway Matters reported:

Overgrown hedge at 25 Buckenham Drive

Pot holes on High Street

(e) Mr Harrison asked that anyone with concerns regarding Grampians should let him know in order that it can be discussed at the Liaison Meeting.

Public Other Business

Clerk to contact Rights of Way Officer regarding Barker Drove

A report that rubbish from The Common is not being collected from School Lane

Mr Randall thanked Mr Mycock for his hard work as Chairman over the previous year.

The next meeting was arranged for Wednesday 1st June. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30pm

Parish Clerk

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