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June 2005

Wretton PC Minutes




Present: Cllr D Llewellyn - Chairman

Cllr S Briston, Cllr L Peake, Cllr M Peake, Cllr N Pilgrim

1. Apologies for Absence

Cllr B Glover, Cllr I. Mack

2. Declaration of Interest

None stated

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes for the meeting on Wednesday 19th January were approved, proposed by Cllr M Peake and seconded by Cllr Briston

4. Matters Arising

Village Sign

The sign has been delivered and is very impressive, It was agreed that the plinth would be of brick and flint construction and circular in shape. Invitations to tender for the construction would be put in the newsletter. Cllr Briston is to place a stake on the green to show the location.

News Letter

This will be delivered prior to the Annual Parish Meeting.


It was agreed that the advert be placed again and that the position be advertised in The Pump and the newsletter.

Play Area

Cllr M Peake will liase with the play area committee in order to draw up a plan of action and investigate sources of funding.

Cllr. L Peake advised that the cost of a 5ft fence would be £1400. Further quotations for a replacement fence would be requested.

Jayne Forby Charity

Cllr M Peake advised that a reply would be forthcoming.

5. Correspondence

For Information

Sports Development Update leaflet - received 24/01/2005

NCAPTC - Norfolk Link

Norfolk Parish Training Partnership

BCKLWN - The Norfolk eTool Project - 12/01/2005

West Norfolk and Breckland Transport Partnership 14/12/2004

NCC - Christmas Drink Drive Campaign 02/12/2004

LEPRA - World Leprosy Week 23-30 Jan

NCC - Budget Consultation - 01/12/2004

Norfolk Traveller Liaison Group - Protocol Booklet Sept 2004

BCKLWN - Standards Committee Agenda 21 Jan 2005

Office of Deputy Prime Minister - Freedom of Information Act Received 24/01/2005

NCAPTC - Spring Seminar Update

NCAPTC - Norfolk Link 147 Jan 2005

Heron NHS - website letter 13/12/2004

Norfolk Training Partnership Newsletter 8 Jan 2005

NCAPTC - West Norfolk Area Meeting 09/02/2005

BCKLWN Review of local plan - 11/02/2005

NCC Local Transport Plan Consultation 01/03/2005

NCC Norfolk on the Move 1/03/2005

BCKLWN - Council Meeting Agenda 19 Jan 2005

BCKLWN - Council Meeting Agenda 24 Feb 2005

BCKLWN Tree planting 15/02/2005

Safer West Norfolk Steering Group 31/01/2005

NCC Trafffic Management Act 15/02/2005

NCC Notice of Road Closure 11/03/2005 Recv 01/03/2005

NCC Notice of Road Closure 25/03/2005 Recv 01/03/2005

Llewellyn Davies Open Space Assessment 01/02/2005

For action

Alfred McAlpine Infrastructure Services - Lighting Maintenance Contract 20/01/2005

Notice of increase in fees to £500.00. It was agreed that we would not accept this increase and seek alternative arrangements for maintenance.

Alfred McAlpine Infrastructure Services - Timeswitch Replacement 02/12/2004

It was agreed that we accept the offer of replacement of the old style streetlights.

Standards Board for England 17/02/2005 - No action will be taken in respect of Cllr Glover. Details of the finding will be posted on the website www.standardsboard.co.uk

East Anglian Air Ambulance - Request for funds - Jan 2005

Already made a donation

Kings Lynn and District Citizens Advice Bureau 10/12/2004

Request for donation - Not approved

6. Planning

Notice of Decision for 3 dwellings Field View - outline planning permission refused - received 24/01/2005

Notice of Decision for wastewater pumping stations - approved - 8th Feb 2005

7. Finance

As at 31st Dec 2004

Community Account £2892.65

Business Reserve Account £29,764.34

Business Premium Account £1,613.65 Total £34,270.64

Next statement due 1st April

Cheques £

Chairman's Expenses

Postage 10 1st Class 2.80

Audit Commission 141.00

Hire of School Hall 10/11/04-19/01/05 22.80

Signs of the Times Ltd. 24/01/2005 1592.13

Lynn News Advert (D C M Llewellyn) 58.23

10. Public Participation

There was discussion regarding the sewerage scheme and why it was limited to only some parts of the village. The Chairman gave a brief review and advised that the decision by Anglian Water had gone to Judicial Review and that there was no chance of any change at this stage.

It was requested that minutes should be published in the Village Pump. The chairman advised that this could only be done after they were approved. The Council will consider other ways in which details of meetings can be published.

11. Members Matters

It was reported that hedge was overgrow in Cromer Lane.

Date of next meeting 11th May. Annual Parish meeting 5th May

The meeting closed at 9.00pm.

Parish Clerk

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