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JUne Editorial

June 2005

Ray is concerned about the number of road accidents i the community and ask that Pump readers try an influence younger drivers!

Hi folks,

Last month I ended my editorial with a plea for us all to be more careful on our county's roads. Today, Friday May 13th 2005, I open my Lynn News to read the following tragic headlines:

Man dies in crash at Southery.

Woman trapped in A10 accident

Action plea after car smashes into pub in Weasingham

Post Office rammed for cash machine in Wereham

Inquest told of drivers drink and drugs cocktail

Add to this list, the very local complaints of cars speeding in Stoke Ferry, cars playing extra loud music and un-licensed drivers careening around our roads in un-insured cars and you have to ask if the police have lost control of our local roads and by-ways.

On Thursday last, I returned to Stoke Ferry around lunch time. To my amazement I saw a police car on the Stoke Ferry by-pass, close to Boughton Road. Then, even more amazed, I saw at least three more police cars on the Furlong with several policemen on foot throughout the rest of the village. The Lynn News later informed me later that the police had 'intercepted a lorry carrying 8 illegal immigrants of Indian extract' all of whom had been arrested.

My question is simple. How can four police cars with at least a dozen policemen be deployed against a possible illegal immigrant incident when we can't get a single policeman to investigate claims by Stoke Ferry villagers of harassment or break-ins? The Stoke Ferry Residents' Association have, in the past three weeks, been asked to mediate on claims of sound harassment within the village confines. In every case, the police have been approached and asked for help and each time have responded that sound harassment is not a priority. It seems that only a claim that life and limb is at risk achieves a priority that will activate a police presence; but how do you know that your life is at risk until someone attacks you?

I also read in the Lynn News that Downham Market has a new Mayor and Mayoress. I congratulate and welcome them both. Perhaps in their term of office they can persuade the local police that harassment of community householders is something worthy of investigation?

I can only conclude with a brief re-visit to the general election. So Princess Tony took a mauling; but he still won with a workable majority. Immediately, the media created a series of media bites: Tony Blair would not serve a full term; labour back benchers want Blair out, Michael Howard's resignation ignites party in-fighting! When are we all going to get real? Today's sound bite from the newly appointed Minister for Pensions and whatnot (David Blunkett) says we all have to work beyond 65 and save for our retirement. Yet another Government statement says 'it remains vital that the Chancellor continues to raid nation pension funds to the tune of £5billion per year!' Who voted for who and WHY?

Ray Thompson

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