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May 2005

Les looks at our views on winning and losing

Whether we like it or not we live in a world of Winners and Losers and this doesn't just apply to any kind of sports. Switch on your TV and it's a question of whether Emmerdale Farm attracts a bigger audience than Coronation Street.

The success of Strictly Come Dancing owed its popularity to who won and who lost; the content of the programme was of little importance. Who cared if Julian Cleary wasn't much of a dancer? What really mattered was would he win?

At the time of writing those people who are interested in Norwich City Football club are asking just one question, "Will they be relegated from the Premiership?" Who cares how they play, good or bad, who cares if the players run around with no clothes on, so what, only one thing matters, winning, because if you don't win, then it's relegation.

I don't believe however that many people really accept this. They seem reluctant to talk about it. If for example you put on an event that turns out to be poorly supported there never is an inquest as to why this happened. Go to Church on a Sunday and you find there is hardly anyone there no one launches an investigation as to why, strange really.

There are different ways you can express winning and I was reminded of this at a funeral I recently attended. At the Church it was chilly and by the time we got down to the cemetery it was more than chilly, in fact bitterly cold. Leaving the cemetery we adjourned to Methwold Social Club for what I'm told is a Wake, but checking my dictionary that word didn't add up but we are talking about refreshments etc.

Well if you must have a Wake then the Social Club is the ideal venue, and the refreshments prepared by the Club's Stewardess, Gail, and her charming Mum, Mally, well first class.

So where does the winning come in to all of that? Well I remember our Club when it was very much a loser. I use to say then that anyone who joined wanted their heads examined but, thanks to the excellent work of a number of people, past and present, what a success story the Club is today.

The Wake was held in the main bar of the Club, with wall to wall carpets, recently installed new chairs and tables, oil fired central heating, how warm and inviting. Whilst so many shops and pubs have closed in so many villages our Club goes from strength to strength. What a credit it is to our village and to those in charge, if that is not winning I don't know what is.

If only we could concentrate more on winning how much more satisfying that would be. In today's world, if we want something off goes our application for a grant for some new hall or whatever, instead of throwing off our jackets rolling up our sleeves and working for what we want.

If you get something for nothing where's the satisfaction? Yes we can't all be winners, someone has to lose, but then why should it be us?

Les Lawrence

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