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West Dereham Parish Council Minutes 10 March 2005

May 2005

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Minutes of the meeting of the West Dereham Parish Council held on

10th March 2005 in the Village Hall at 8.00p.m.

1. Present: E. Drew - Chairman, Miss Richardson, Mrs. Berry, Mrs. Fisher, M. Chief, Mrs Cairn together with 5 members of the public.

2. Apologies: B. Glover

3. Minutes: It was agreed that the minutes of the meeting held on 10th February 2005 be signed as a correct record.

4. Matters Arising: Cemetery - the Chairman has agreed to harrow 15 meters of land in preparation for the necessary extension. The County Council has notified available dates for a meeting regarding Station Road. The clerk is to contact various other Authorities and personnel and arrange a meeting. Notice Boards - a quote has been received from LB. Bonnett to supply another Notice Board, refurbish the existing and reposition as requested - £290.05 plus V. A.T. After a short debate is was agreed to go ahead with the project as proposed by Mrs. Cairn and seconded by Mrs. Fisher. Planning Mrs. R. Hepworth : extension and conversion of barn, The Row approved J.R. Reeks - Retention of Pergola - Church Road - approved.

5. Payments: Clerk's annual salary £1155.00 - proposed M. Grief seconded Mrs. Fisher pass for payment.

6. Correspondence:Trees along Church Road footpath - are going to be inspected by the Borough Council Forestry Officer on the 11th March and any work necessary will be carried out. Norfolk County Council confirm that Sam Ralph will take the title and job of Traffic Manager for the County. West Norfolk Borough Council -Community Involvement in the Review of the Local Plan - clerk to notify that the Parish Council wish to be involved.

7. Action: Mrs. Cairn confirmed that she is still in contact with the Borough Council reference finance and help towards the production and publication of a Parish magazine.

8. Any Other Business: Horse riding is being carried out on the footpath between The Row to Church Road - Miss Richardson is going to try and find out who is riding and to request them to stop. Lime Kiln Road and Bath Road are full of lifter on the verges - clerk is to contact Borough Council. The Chairman has collected from Wayland Prison the Village Sign which the inmates have manufactured - donation is to be agreed and forwarded at the next meeting. Mrs. Cann informed the meeting that the Church are hoping to arrange Anniversary celebrations in memory of Hubert Walter - once Archbishop of Canterbury - and they would like the Parish Council to be involved and the entire Parish to enjoy the day.

Parish Clerk

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