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May 2005

Our monthly update from Boughton

Boughton Pre-School Group News

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Sunday saw the inaugural Boughton Easter Egg Hunt and Bonnet Parade take place. Continuing with the groups' objective to include older Boughton children (and grandchildren) in the holiday activities, the event was seen as a great success. 31 children attended aged between 9 months to 14 years. A large white rabbit calling himself the Easter Bunny also made an appearance! For their £1.50 ticket price each child received a yummy chocolate Easter bunny, a mug of hot chocolate and a biscuit (yes, you've guessed it, a chocolate one!) The Pre School Group managed to cover their costs and raise £30 towards church funds. Many thanks to all who helped on the day and to those who lent us equipment or baked cakes.

Flower Festival 30th April to May 2nd

Boughton Preschoolers will be taking part in the forthcoming flower festival. In keeping with the rainbow theme we are busy 'creating' a Noah's ark, where you may remember the first rainbow was said to have appeared. The children are really working hard on this project so please come along and see what they've done.

Sunflower Challenge 2005

If any of our Boughton children missed the recent sunflower planting we have seeds and pots still available (contact numbers below) so it's not too late to take part. Full details are on the notice board but our aim is to plant the sunflowers behind the church wall and see who can grow the tallest and smallest. We will be meeting at 11 15 am in the churchyard on Sunday the 1st May after the family service.

Boughton Pre School Group Contacts

Susan George 502193

Helen Jenkins 501522

Amy Rowe 500106

Louise Langham 502039

Pam Wakeling

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