River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The Second Opinion!

April 2005

A little fun at this trying time!

A man goes to his GP along with his wife, who waits outside.

After the man comes out the doctor asks to speak to the wife privately, he tells her that her husband is suffering from a number of minor ailments that are brought on as a result of severe stress. He says that unless the stress condition can be relieved he will develop other problems and could well die within the year. He tells her that she should do all she can to help and suggests that she start the day by giving him a good breakfast and allowing him to read the newspaper in peace. She should make sure that he has a good meal when he comes home from work and does not complain if he is late. Try not to worry him over money matters and encourage him to sit and relax and watch his favourite sports on TV, get him out playing golf and make him go to the pub occasionally and relax with his friends. Make love two or three times a week and, above all don't nag.

The wife says that she understands.

On the way home the husband asks "What did the doctor say?"

The wife replies "You're going to die."

From Ron Watts

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