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April 2005

Minutes of the SFRA Committee meeting

Minutes of Committee meeting held on 23 February 2005

Present: Brian Harrison (Chairman), Ray Thompson (Deputy Chairman), Tim Read (Treasurer), Helaine Wyett (Secretary), Guy de Montfort, Alan Whitford, Debroy Summers, Mandy Leamon (Committee members), Mally Reeve and Gail Boughen

1 Apologies for absence: received from Nathan Allen, Glen Kaveney. The Chairman noted the absence, for the third consecutive meeting, of the 3 Borough Council representatives (Tracey Fielding, Rita O'Donnell, Sylvia Pomeroy), although it was acknowledged that weather conditions may have prevented Sylvia Pomeroy from attending.

2 Acceptance of the Minutes of the previous meeting, held on 8 November 2004, were proposed by Ray Thompson, seconded by Alan Whitford.

The following actions were noted:

- General speeding in village: some speed checks would be put in hand by the Police

- Ray had written to The Environmental Officer at the KL & WNBC regarding Grampian Foods and a response had been received

- A reply from the Planning Officer of the Borough Council confirmed that the 'Residents' Association did not fit into the Planning Authority'.

- Grampian Foods have offered to install a 30mpjh warning sign in Furlong Road. Now waiting for Highways to give permission. Appreciation expressed to Grampian for their generosity.

3 Matters Arising:

a) Relationship with Parish Council: the Chairman had confirmed to the Parish Council that anything raised at the meetings of the Residents' Association, pertinent to Parish Council matters, would be referred to them before any action was taken.

Some discussion took place re. The role of the Parish Council in planning matters. The Chairman clarified that the Parish Council receives notification of plans submitted, with a request for comments. The Parish Council only able to suggest approval or refusal.

b) Telephone box on Hill vandalism. Repairs were in hand.

Re. The bus shelter, the panels would be removed to avoid further damage and consequent repairs. It was noted that graffiti had now appeared on the side of the former Dukes Head.

4 Objectives of Association

The draft Objectives were reviewed and accepted with the following comments:

Re: Relationships: it was noted that TOWN = Tenants of West Norfolk. The Chairman stated that about 1/6th of the village houses were council houses.

Following the suggestion that the wording of the second paragraph be expanded, Tim Read agreed to produce an alternative for the next meeting.

5 Ratification of Association by Borough Council

In the absence of the Borough Council representatives, it was proposed that the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Guy de Montfort request a meeting at BC offices. It was agreed, however, that Guy initially speak to Rita O'Donnell on the matter. Authorisation of the Association by the Borough Council was essential.

Note. This meeting took place on 8 March following which the Chairman received notification that our Resident Association had been ratified.

6 Funding

The Chairman stated that as soon as the Association was ratified, a start-up grant of £150 would be available from TOWN, with further monies available from TIPAS.

7 Progress of Stock Transfer

No update had been received; it was assumed that everything was progressing towards anticipated date of transfer, 24 October 2005.

The Chairman suggested that any tenants concerned about the transfer should contact him, Ray Thompson or Guy de Montfort. It was noted that the transfer should have no effect on existing tenants. New tenants would be subject to various rules.

8 Local Group Projects

Mally Reeve and Gail Boughen were present to update the meeting on (a) Village Hall and (b) Playing Field Association projects respectively.

a) Mally reported that Grampian Goods had given the Village Hall Committee a 99 yr lease on Ward's Garage, the building adjoining the village hall, with a promise to sell the property in the future. The building will provide toilets with access for the disabled and ultimately a new kitchen.

b) Gail reported that a grant for £20000 had been received from Living Spaces for new equipment and update of existing equipment on the playing field. In a second phase of improvements, funding had been applied for a 'Teen area', to incorporate a 'ball court' and possibly a skate park.

The Secretary agreed to coordinate with Mally and Gail to provide a synopsis of the various plans and proposals so that this could be put to the Borough Council to provide an example of the Association working with local groups.

The Chairman asked that all present help towards compiling a list of local groups and contacts. Details to himself or the Secretary.

9 Open Meeting

A flyer to be distributed via the postal system (paid for from start-up monies) to all households. The Village Hall was agreed as the most suitable venue at present and a local 'celebrity' speaker (eg Gillian Shepherd/ Stephen Fry) sought.

10 Date of next meeting (Open meeting)

It was agreed to postpone setting a date until more was known about ratification by the Borough Council.

11 Any Other Business

a) The Chairman had circulated a document 'Past Actions in Stoke Ferry' compiled in association with Chris Hollier, then Community Development Officer. This included minutes of meetings with various focus groups (Oak Road residents, teenagers, families), a copy of Upbeat newsletter and traffic census statistics. He noted other statistics ie: in 2001 there were 393 houses in Stoke Ferry with approx 890 residents, but Oak Road had added a further 30 houses. A map circulated also highlighted further likely development areas which potentially could increase total houses by more than 200, with imminent development anticipated following the sale of Allen's woodyard (former Station yard and buildings) and the area surrounding the Village Hall including Allen's yard and scrapyard. In the light of such development, it was agreed that a Village Plan was required and the Chairman, Debroy Summers and Tim Read agreed to formulate an action plan on this.

b) It was agreed that a brief newsletter be set up, (with copy in the Village Pump) and circulated to all residents in Stoke Ferry. Ray Thompson agreed to approach Marion Clarke, a local journalist, to ask if she would write this.

c) A resident at the old Waterworks had complained about motor cycles and cars riding round the common. This was noted as a recurrent problem over many years but would be referred to the Parish Council.

d) Dawn Beckwith had enquired about solutions to vandalism on the Hill. He Chairman reported that Stoke Ferry had become a 'tasting area' by the Police and they had requested that complaints be directed to them. The Chairman asked therefore that any complaints be made direct to the Police.

e) She also raised the problem of cars 'double parked' in Buckenham Drive.

f) A large lorry, owned by Hillman Durrance, using the Bridge Road to enter the village was thought to be exceeding the bridge weight limit. This to be referred to the Parish Council.

g) The Treasurer noted that no cheque had, as yet, been received from the Borough Council for hire of the Village Hall for the last meeting.

h) The Chairman reported that a donation of £250 had been received to help start-up the Association. The donor was thanked for his generosity.

The meeting closed at approximately 9.30pm.

Helaine Wyett

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