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Stoke Ferry Parish Council Minutes

April 2005

The minutes of the March 05 meeting of the Stoke Ferry PC

Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council meeting held in the Community Centre

at 7.30pm on Wednesday 9th March 2005 of Stoke Ferry Parish Council

Those attending Mr M Mycock (Chairman) Mr B Harrison, Mrs M Leaman,

Mrs T Mann, Mr M Ferrie, Mr M Evans, Mrs V Negus (Clerk) 8 members of the public

Apologies for absence received from Mr A White, Mr C Stocking, Mr S Randall, Mr T Manley,

PC Smith

Minutes of the last meeting were adopted. Proposed by Mr Evans, seconded by Mrs Leaman

Matters Arising:

(a) Mr Harrison reported that he had received an assurance that the parking problems would be monitored but no action appeared to have been taken.

(b) Outstanding Planning Matters - a response had been received from Borough Planning setting out the action being taken with regard to Ferry Stores and residential caravans. Mrs Mann declared an interest in the discussion of Ferry Stores but updated the Council on forthcoming proposals for this site. Borough Planning to be contacted again to report on additional caravans.

(c) Response from Inspector Bates reported action being taken in Stoke Ferry and confirmation that a further request would be made for the mobile police station to be sited in the village. Continued co-operation from residents was requested.

(d) Panels removed from the bus shelter have been stored with Thomas Bonnetts

(e) Report from Highways Department on procedure for installing a flashing sign. Written confirmation of funding to be provided together with agreement of suitable site before obtaining a quotation.

(f) Additional weight restriction sign being investigated

(g) Mr Harrison reported that the Residents Association would be ratified by the Borough Council in the forthcoming week.


Application approved by Parish Council since the previous meeting:

Annexe, Willow Cottage, Thompsons Lane

Applications approved by Borough Council since the previous meeting:

Riverside Lodge, Thompsons Lane with condition that it must not be occupied as a separate unit

High Ash Little Lane, with conditions regarding trees, fencing, parking and storage

Dwelling at The Piggery, Furlong Drove

Romer Farm Shop with conditions regarding the access.

Payments for Approval

James Bradfield School £57.00

Country Grounds Maintenance £423.00

Thomas Bonnett £61.69

Payments proposed by Mrs Leaman, seconded by Mr Harrison


(a) Letter from Mr Sanders withdrawing his offer of a Deed of Gift relating to common land.

(b) Request from Emmerson & Son for the installation of a plaque for Christine Thompson. Approved by Parish Council

(c) Offer from Borough Council of supply of a discounted planting pack. Mrs Mann will ask the Playing Field Committee if they would like to take advantage of the offer of a tree for the playing field.

(d) Foolhardy Folk Circus - letter to be passed to the school

(e) Borough Planning - Request for Parish Council's comments for review of Local Plan. Letter had previously been circulated and comments will be relayed to Borough Council.

(f) Mrs Mann presented the proposed plan for the new equipment on the playing field which should be installed in April.

Councillors Other Business

(a) Mrs Mann presented the insurance costs for the playing field and asked that the Parish Council consider making a payment towards this cost. Following discussion Mr Harrison proposed that a payment of £200 be made, Mrs Mann proposed £250. The proposal for £200 was carried. During discussion it was proposed that the Playing Field Committee consider lighting with a time clock.

(b) Mrs Mann reported that problems were arising with parking on the occasion of auctions in the village hall. Mr Mycock confirmed that those attending could park on The Hill.

(c) Pot hole at the entrance to Buckenham Drive reported.

(d) Mr Mycock reported that the clerk had handed in her resignation and asked Mr Harrison to advertise the position in The Pump.

Members of the Public

A report was made of a recent bonfire. Mr Mycock felt that this had not caused any problems.

The grassed area in front of the chip shop was reported as being in a poor state. Clerk to report to Highways.

Mr Sewell informed the Council that a public meeting would be held in the near future to discuss the playing field proposals.

The next meeting, which will also be the Annual Parish Meeting, will take place on April 20th.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.35pm.

Parish Clerk

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