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April 2005

Methodist activites for April

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April 3rd 11.00 Dawn DeVisme

April 10th 11.00 Mary Hurst

April 17th 11.00 Mary Holman

April 24th 11.00 Brian Bannister

I have just been watching 'Comic Relief'; perhaps you saw some of it? I am shocked by the amount of poverty, suffering and adversity that people around the world face daily. It all seems so very overwhelming, it feels like the world is out of control and pain is in every news headline. Is there any hope for us and those with whom we share this world?

I want to say that, as Christians, we believe there is a hope that is better than any hope. That, somehow, out of seeming difficulty and despair there is going to be a new start and beginning. Easter has just past which is the most wonderful story that sustains and strengthens those who believe it. It tells us that Jesus has risen from the dead and has shown that no matter how bleak life may look there is a hope that it will one day be better. This helps many millions of Christians in poverty, in suffering, and in joy cope with life. Easter is not simply one day that we celebrate once a year, it is a reminder that we must all live with the hope that God will bring life when all around us is death. It is up to us to life a fresh post-Easter life!

So as the new flowers of spring begin to push their way up for a new year signalling that the hard cold of winter is nearly at an end remember that God to is bring new life. No matter where you find yourself and whatever you feel there is always hope because God has promised that all things will be made right and pain will be replaced by the joy. If you would like to know more about anything the chapel is doing or if we can help you in anyway then do not hesitate to contact one of us.

God Bless, Matt Finch

For more details please contact:

Mr & Mrs C. Armsby on 01366 500435

or Mr & Mrs R. Stevens on 01466 502218

Revd Matt Finch

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