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Letter from Peter Bodle

April 2005

Peter responds to Ron Watts item on Global Warming

Dear Sir,

Once again one of Ron Watt's items has caused me to scratch my head and wander off into my office and root around amongst a variety of information sources available there. As it happens I found no answers to the implied questions on his article on population growth and global warming, merely a variety of interesting and conflicting 'facts'.

Interestingly the most rapid period of 'global warming' measured in this country appears to have been in the period 1690 to 1730 when the mean temperature in England rose by 2 degrees C. Surely global warming at an alarming rate'?.... Yet hardly caused by automobiles or aeroplanes or globalised industry....so what was it? Neither the 'fors' nor the 'againsts' seemed to have an answer on it.

We are also told that the sun is also more active now than in the last 1,000 years and therefore one assumes some overall increase in temperature should be attributable to that. We are told that there were more sunspots (the sign of sun activity) in the last 60 years than the previous 1,140 years.

I also read that no lesser body than NASA (James Hansen) has calculated that without the implementation of Kyoto, the earth's mean temperature will increase by 0.15 degrees Fahrenheit by the year 2100. Is that significant? Or is one and a half tenths of one percent over one hundred years within the bounds of normality?

I have no idea, but it does set the mind churning over for a moment or two.... but then that is probably why Ron wrote his piece.

Yours Faithfully,

Peter W Bodle FRAeS

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Peter W Bodle

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