River Wissey Lovell Fuller

More of The WORLD'S STUPIDIST (but true) SIGNS

March 2005

Some more improbable signs for you amusement

Whole Chicken Medium Fresh

From a supermarket leaflet in South London

Please do not lock the door as we have lost the key.

In an Irish Hotel room

Valour Waistcoats

In the Covent Market branch of a clothing chain

Mental Health Prevention Center

In a New York medical building

Barefoot customers are not to be entertained.

In the cinema at Roturua, New Zealand

Archery Contest // Ears pierced

Adjacent signs outside a shopping mall

We sell gasoline to anyone in a glass container

At an American gas station

Leather faced ladies handbags

On a market stall

No muddy boots please or dogs smoking ice creams

Sign on the door of a souvenir shop in Porlock Weir , Somerset

"Roses: These are all named varieties but we know not which"

At a Garden Centre

Now available in multi-packs

On a display of "I love You Only" Valentine Cards

From Ray Thompson

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