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Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council

March 2005

The January Minutes of the Stoke Ferry PC

Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council meeting held in the Community Centre at 7.30pm on Wednesday 26th January 2005 of Stoke Ferry Parish Council

Those attending Mr M Mycock (Chairman), Mr B Harrison, Mr C Stocking, Mrs M Leaman, Mrs T Mann, Mr M Ferrie, Mr M Evans, Mr S Randall, Mr T Manley, Mrs V Negus (Clerk) 21 members of the public

Apologies for absence received from Mr A White

Minutes of the last meeting were adopted. Proposed by Mr C Stocking, seconded by Mrs M Leaman

Matters Arising:

(a) Mr Harrison reported that PC Smith, the community policeman would do an inspection of the traffic problems

(b) In view of the lack of response from Mr Clarke of Borough Planning, after a long discussion it was proposed by Mr Harrison that a letter of complaint should be sent to the Chief Executive of the Borough Council with a copy to the Secretary of State, seconded by Mr Ferrie. The proposal was carried unanimously.

(c) CCTV - It was reported that police permission is required to install a camera. Grampians to be approached for their agreement to the installation of a camera on their premises.

(d) Following Mr Ferrie's request for an additional light near the bridge, Mr Mycock confirmed that there is a light there which was not working but it has been reported.


Approved by Borough Council - Extension to Flint House, Lynn Road and Wastewater pumping station

Approved by Parish Council:

9 dwellings at The Quarry, Furlong Road, with recommendations

Dwelling High Ash Little Lane

Annexe at Riverside Lodge, Thompsons Lane

Dwelling at The Piggery, Furlong Drove

Revised access to Romer Farm - following receipt of a further revised plan with a very short return period, Mr Mycock reported that it has been returned with a request that NCC Highways Department make a decision regarding this.

Mr Harrison felt that when considering future planning applications the Parish Council need to consider the way the village is forming.

Payments for Approval

Country Grounds Maintenance new cemetery grass cutting - £270.25

Mrs V Negus 1/4 salary to end of November £325.00

Mrs V Negus 1/4 expenses to end of November £31.32

Masson Seeley £17.63


Clerk presented the budget with a suggested precept of £5510 being a 2% rise.

Mr Manley outlined the breakdown of the community charge.

Following discussion of village requirements Mr Harrison proposed that it be increased by 4% to £5616 seconded by Mr Ferrie, carried unanimously. The increase would result in a rise of between 21p and 60p per annum across the various housing bands.


(a) Environmental Protection re installation of dust monitor - agreed

(b) Highways requesting notification of road sign thefts

(c) Ward Gethin - transfer of licence - no objections

(d) Invitation to join the A47 Wider Alliance

(e) Invitation to Planning Consultation Meeting

Other Business


(a) After discussion of the condition of the bus shelter it was agreed that the panels should be removed

(b) Mr Harrison reported that the Dukes Head would be boarded up for the foreseeable future following a break-in

(c) Following complaints to Grampians regarding speeding lorries in Furlong Road, Grampians have offered to fund the installation of a flashing warning light. Permission to be sought from Highways after which a location can be suggested. Mr Harrison proposed that we accept Grampians offer, seconded by Mr Ferrie. The Council were in favour of it in principal subject to its siting.

(d) Mr Randall reported that there should be 2 x 7 1/2 ton weight limit signs at the top of Cromer Lane. Highways to be contacted.

(e) Mr Harrison outlined the purpose of the residents association and hoped that it could work in conjunction with the Parish Council.

(f) Mr Stocking reported mud on the road. Mr Mycock confirmed that the operation causing this had been completed.

(g) Mr Mycock pointed out that motor bikes should not be ridden on the common and asked that members of the public obtain registration numbers of offenders if possible.

Members of the Public

(a) Mr Lamb expressed concern regarding the action achievable by the Parish Council regarding police presence, planning matters and highway matters. Mr Randall suggested that Mr Manley may be able to assist in his capacity as Borough Councillor. Inspector Bates at Downham Market to be contacted again to seek improved police attendance.

(b) Hedging encroaching on the pavement from Lynn Road to Post Office. Clerk to request owner to cut it back.

(c) Concern was expressed at the number of empty properties in the area around the centre of the village that created an unneighbourly atmosphere and aggravated existing problems.

(d) Mr Bonnett was concerned that planning conditions for the Quarry would not be adhered to as is already happening for that area regarding access and the condition of the existing wall. Mr Manley outlined the procedure of the planning committee and pointed out that matters regarding the taking down of trees would be monitored by the Borough tree warden.

(e) Lack of installation of the Manor Road sign to be followed up.

The next meeting was arranged for Wednesday 9th March

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9pm

Parish Clerk

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