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March 2005

Les has another humorous look at our National newspapers

I like to think I look for humour at every opportunity and I had to smile recently when reading one of our national newspapers. I came across an article which in effect said you can forget God, it's a lot of nonsense; there isn't one. The paper then asked it's readers for any feed back which resulted in a number of letters, both for and against, being published. The letter which really amused me was a one liner which simply said "Thank God I'm an Atheist". Now that did make me smile.

Another occasion which amused me was when I called at our local surgery to have my blood pressure checked by a certain dear nurse. Testing my right arm she announced that it was a bit high which to me was understandable. She then continued to carry out one or two checks and then decided before I left that she would just check my left arm and this time discovered that my blood pressure had dropped a fair bit.

With that I left the surgery but not before apologising most profusely for my ungentlemanly conduct, do you get that by the way? No? Well if the dear nurse was as delightful as I'm making out then my blood pressure should have been high when I first saw her and sky high when I left.

Something else which caught my humorous eye was when I read about a somewhat amorous Doctor who apparently once had sex with one of his patients, a farmers wife, in the snow. It was said that, all in all, the Doctor had sex with this dear Lady some 79 times. I rather like that. I'm sure if I could have listened into their conversation it would have gone something like this, "That was the 79th time wasn't it/" "No it wasn't, you have miscounted it was only the 75th." "I can't believe it, just a minute I will check it out on my computer."

It appears the affair began when the farmers wife called at the surgery to have her blood pressure checked and when she was about to leave the Doctor grabbed hold of her, kissed her, and then fondled her breasts.

When I think of all the times I have visited my Doctors surgery I have never been grabbed, kissed, or even fondled in anyway. I can only conclude that the quicker I change my Doctor the better. it's obvious I don't get the attention I deserve, in fact I'm beginning to wonder if He even likes me!

And I'll bet he didn't even send you a Valentine card Les! Editor

Les Lawrence

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