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Another letter to the editor

March 2005

Les wonders if Marion received the right information about us Norfolk boys

Dear Editor,

I read with interest Marion Clarke's article in the February issue of the Village Pump and I note she writes under the heading, "Notes from a Newcomer". Well Marion might be a newcomer but I am certainly not having been born in Methwold some 75 years ago and I have lived here all my life so you could say I'm very much a Norfolk Boy.

However I have travelled quite extensively. I frequently visit places such far away places as Oxborough, Stoke Ferry and, even on occasions, Fincham. I am fortunate however in that I have never come across a single Norfolk person who talked as if they had gone stark raving mad as they must be to come out with such remarks as "Oxborough - that's squires village that is, but Stoke Ferry that be people's village."

Can I conclude from this that I must update my vocabulary so when I'm asked "Who was that Lady you were with last Night?" I can reply, "That be my Wife that be".

I think someone didn't quite hear the comment correctly; I can't believe for one moment anyone was be so patronising, but then one never know does one?

Les Lawrence

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