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Stoke Ferry Forget-Me-Not Club

February 2005

The Annual Report from the Stoke Ferry Forget me Not Club

Stoke Ferry Forget-Me-Not Club

2005 Annual General Meeting

Chairman's Report

Once again it is time for the AGM & the Chairman's report; it seems impossible to believe that yet another year has gone by!

A good many things happened in 2004. Our membership has again increased which is excellent. If we continue to increase in numbers, which would be wonderful, we will need one of Garry's larger buses. The first meeting after AGM was unfortunately cancelled owing to snow. The Beetle Drive Progressive was put back to the 11th February. On the 22nd February we had a clothes show from Essentials. The question, as to when we have them this year, does not now arise as the girls have stopped doing it.

The following meeting we had Yahtzee which was most enjoyable. The next meeting, the 24th March, we had a video on gardens with expert gardener, the Chief Gardener from Oxborough Hall. It was so enjoyable we almost forgot the time and were a slight touch in leaving that day. On 7th April we had our Easter service; Northwold were invited over as usual & Reg Rose took the service and played the organ for us. On the 21st April we all played bingo. On the next meeting we went to Thursford for the day, leaving the Chairman's house at 11 am and returning at approximately 5 pm.

The 19th May we played dominoes with small prizes for winners. On the 26th May we had Mark who came to give a talk on what services etc were available to the elderly. The following fortnight, the 30th June, we went to the Rose Festival in Wisbech leaving mine at 10.30am and returning at around 5 pm. On 14th July we had Mrs Honeyball and her friend come to entertain us. They were extremely funny.

On Wednesday 28th July we all left the Chairman's house at 10am to go to Lowestoft for the day, arriving back at approximately 7pm; a good day was had by all. The next meeting on 11th August, was an extremely humorous meeting with Mr David Grimes on Bygone Days. The meeting finished at 4.15pm. Bingo was played on 25th August with small money prizes. On the 1st September we all went to the Highwayman at Winterton-on-Sea; they always do a beautiful meal. There was lots of entertainment and we got back, after a most enjoyable day, at 7pm.

The following meeting we had a quiz done very expertly by Lynne. 22nd September was our Harvest Festival. Reg Rose took the service and played the organ. His wife also came and sang for us. 6th October we had a clothes show by Essentials but, as I said before, we didn't know if this was to be the last one. The next three meetings, 25th October, 3rd November and 17th November we played several different games. Some we had not played before and we even purchased a new one for the club.

1st December we had mince pies, sausage rolls, sherry etc. and Reg Rose played carols for us at our Christmas party. Presents were exchanged, Northwold were invited and everybody had a good time. 15th December, we all went to Timbers for our Christmas lunch. Christmas cards were exchanged and the raffle for the club was organised by Mrs. Mervyn Bruce and all in all raise £49 for club funds.

2nd January, 23 people went to see Robin Hood and Babes in the Wood at the Princess Theatre Hunstanton. Simple Simon was excellent and the Pantomime was hilarious. I am sure that I can speak for everyone that went; it was thoroughly enjoyable and a good time was had by all.

For myself as Chairlady, I would like to thank the officers and committee for their support during 2004. I hope that this year proves an even better and more enjoyable year than 2004.

Thank you all.

Your Chairman

Joyce Hull

I would like to thank all the persons listed below who so kindly gave to our Christmas raffle which made a grand total of £44.00:

Mr G Peake

Mrs & Mrs L Peake

Mr N Peake

Mrs & Mrs J Stocking

Corner Shop

Michael's Fish Shop

Mr C Bunting

Mr & Mrs E English

Dairy Crest Ltd

Mr David English

Thank you once again, Chairlady, Stoke Ferry Forget - me -Not club

Joyce Hull

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