River Wissey Lovell Fuller

"Runnin' on"

February 2005

Janet re-lives the role of surrigate Father Christmas

At this moment in time, Christmas Day has disappeared, some of the festive food has also disappeared and my waistline is frightening my "trousis" waistband! Not to worry, I am a bit late getting around to the Pump, I hope I manage to find some inspiration as I go along.

A funny thing happened to me in the run up, or should I say, "The hoping that it will all go away season". As Mr T and I were toddling into Sommerfields, Mr T met a friend of his. We were in the "Santa section". I know how nice it is to catch up with friends, but I didn't know the gentleman, so, I thought I'd have a sit down. I did tell Mr T that I was going to sit by the tree.

There was a decorated Christmas tree, wrapped presents and a comfy little armchair in the corner! It all seemed too good to be true, never the less, I sank into the chair and watched as the shoppers came into the store.

Small children, well wrapped up, cuddled into their buggies and watched as they were rushed past all the glittering festive fare. Little chance for mothers to get the shopping without buying a small treat for the kiddies too.

Suddenly I was shaken from my dreamy rest,

a lady on her way out of the shop, saw me.

"How lovely," she said "They've got a Santa!"

It was my moment of fame!

Apparently, through the thick glass doors,

my almost red coat looked like a Santa outfit,

my grey hair helped too. I was tucked well down into the comfy little armchair. I had to disillusion the lady, she was quite upset!

Still we have to make the most of each special moment, this one was so funny, I will remember it forever. I might even offer my services this year !!

Janet Tilburn

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