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Minutes of a meeting of Stoke Ferry Parish Council held in the Community Centre at 7.30pm on Wednesday 15th December

February 2005

Stoke Ferry Parish Council Minutes

Those attending Mr M Mycock (Chairman) Mr M Ferrie, Mr S Randall, Mrs T Mann, Mr T White

Apologies for Absence were received from Mrs M Leaman, Mr B Harrison,

Mr C Stocking and Mr T Manley.

Minutes of the last meeting were adopted with the addition of Mr Ferrie's name to those attending.

Matters Arising:

(a) Mr Randall expressed concern that the County Council may sideline the matter of the high kerbs at Buckenham Drive when properties are taken over by a Housing Association. It was felt that, at this point, the Parish Council had obtained some reassurance from the County Council and no further action could be taken at this time.

(b) Cemetery - Mr Mycock pointed out that the maintenance work on the graves could be carried out for which a previous quote of £80 plus VAT had been received.

(c) Skateboard area - Ady Chaplin had contacted Mr Randall and the clerk with details of progress so far with the Playing Field Committee and the Youth Club and it was confirmed that additional work would be carried out in the new year with youth groups. Mr Chaplin confirmed that he would obtain quotes for the skateboard area.

(d) Mr Harrison to report at the next meeting on any progress made with the police constable regarding car parking.

(e) Outstanding planning matters - No response from Head of Planning to the Parish Council's letter but a response to Mrs Shephard pointed out that additional personnel are now in place and it was hoped that Stoke Ferry's outstanding planning matters would be dealt with. Mr Manley had also sent a report to the same effect.

(f) Further repairs to telephone box to be reported but required repairs to the bus shelter to be postponed. Following discussion of the problems currently being experienced with youths in the area of the bus shelter it was agreed to approach the police for the possibility of using CCTV and also approach Grampians regarding the light on the Dukes Head. Broken street light opposite the bus shelter also to be reported

(g) Dog fouling - following receipt of a letter from the Borough Council it was agreed to apply to have the whole parish designated a clean-up area as defined by the Borough Council

(h) Whiteaway lorries - Mr White confirmed that a letter had been issued to drivers to use the bypass, with the exception of collections and deliveries in the village.


Extension to Flint House, Lynn Road - approved by Parish Council

Windows at Home Farm - approved y Borough Council

Toilet block and shower on playing field - approved by Borough Council

Liaison Meeting

Mr Harrison had sent in a report which was read out by the clerk

Payments for Approval

Audit Commission £141.00

Country Grounds Maintenance £520.41

Poppy Appeal - donation of £25 agreed


Mr Ferrie suggested that funding for additional lighting at the bridge be put into the budget for next year. Following discussion of existing lighting commitments this was not included.

Mrs Mann proposed that, in view of the difficulties in maintaining sufficient funds for the playing field, the Parish Council contribute to the cost of insurance. A decision would be made when setting the precept at the January meeting.


Western Mobile Police Station time table

Other Business

Councillors - none

Members of the public

(a) Following a request regarding the Residents Association Mr Mycock confirmed that the Parish Council is not connected to the Residents Association.

(b) Concern was expressed at the lack of attendance by a parish policeman at the Parish Council meetings. It was confirmed that minutes and agendas were passed on for each meeting.

(c) The question of noise from Grampian lorries was raised. As reported this matter had been raised at the Liaison Meeting and Mr Mycock reiterated the need to report complaints at the time.

(d) Mr Sewell pointed out that the Playing Field Committee is reluctant to proceed with the skateboard area due to it being requested by only a very small minority. He referred to the previous discussion of the playing field regarding budget and set out the procedure in the event of insufficient funds being available.

(e) Light outside the school reported as needing attention

The next meeting was arranged for Wednesday 26th January 2005

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.40pm

Parish Clerk

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