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Methodist Services for February

February 2005

Our monthly Methodist update

Revd Matt Finch

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Feb 6th 11.00 Mrs A Steed

Feb 13th 11.00 Mr J Miles

Feb 20th 11.00 Mr J Bowden Pickstock

Feb 27th 11.00 Revd Sankey

We have all be shocked to the core having watched pictures of the dreadful Tsunami in Asia. As somebody who works for the church I have questioned and been questioned as to why this would happen? What had all these people done to deserve such a dread thing? What was God doing allowing such suffering? Where was this loving God if he loves us so much? And as I have asked these questions to myself, to colleagues and friends there answer has simply been 'I don't know'. There seems to me no place in all of this, for trite sentimental words or rehearsed answers about suffering. Even the Archbishop acknowledged how this situation would call many to question their faith, indeed, this is happening all over the world. The one thing for me and for many Christian's effected directly by the flood is that God is with us in the pain as well as the pleasure of this world. There is testimony coming from Christians in the region who speak of God's presence with them in the aftermath of this tragedy, the witness to the miracles happening to all who suffer, people of all faiths and none. God is with and in amongst the anguish, shedding his own tears over the agony that people have been through.

For us so many thousands of miles away our reaction cannot be simply one of seeking answers to the horror seen on our televisions. Yes, the reaction must be to share in the shock with each other but there seems very little time for words when our action is needed. The British public alone have raised £100m but I believe more change can come. Launched this New Years Day on the Vicar of Dibley was the year to 'Make Poverty History', the year in which our politicians can really make a difference to the way wealth is distributed in our world. If this campaign works, countries through the globe will have opportunity to be released from the chains of debt. If we sign the petitions and badger people in authority this year the world could really change- Aids could be fought more effectively, hunger and homelessness would drop, literacy would increase to name but a few. There is real opportunity for us to end this new this year knowing our actions have changed the world. What a testimony to all those lives so sadly lost on Boxing Day.

God Bless, Matt Finch

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