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St Andrews Newsletter

January 2005

Your monthly Newsletter from St Andrews


(also St. Mary's, Denver; St. Mary the Virgin, Bexwell and St. Michael's, Ryston)

Vicar: The Rev'd Judith Grundy

The Rectory, Ryston Road, Denver

Tel 383226



11am - FAMILY SERVICE: (coffee / tea at the end of the service)

6.30pm - Evensong, St Mary the Virgin, Bexwell


9.30 HOLY COMMUNION: Celebrant - The Reverend Judith Grundy

SUNDAY 16th:


SUNDAY 23rd:

9.30am HOLY COMMUNION, coffee / tea at the end of the service)

3.30pm. ST MARY'S DENVER, Service for Christian Unity: Preacher: Fr Edmund Egglestone from St Dominic's RC Church, Downham Market

SUNDAY 30th:



CHURCHWARDENS for St. Andrew's West Dereham:

Mr. Graeme Pressley, The Plot, Church Road 01366 - 501179

Mrs Christine Vincent, Aspen, Ryston Road, W. Dereham 01366 - 500283


INTERCESSIONS: Please let one of our churchwardens know (see tel nos. above) if you, or anyone you know, needs prayer, for sickness, or any other personal or family problem (in absolute confidence: No details are made public unless you wish it). We will gladly add any names to our weekly intercession list.) We believe that God hears and answers prayers, according to His plan and purpose for your life.


You wouldn't believe the snags that have prevented the start of our heating installation, but you hardly expect some Anglo-Saxon Princess to come along and put her oar in too!

It seems that, because of the amount of Anglo-Saxon remains in the fields around West Dereham Church, there is a good possibility that Withburga was not buried at East Dereham (from whence the monks of Ely were supposed to have pinched her body to add to the facilities at Ely and hence miraculous healings which followed) but straight up the A10 at West Dereham. Perhaps the monks were not too good on local Geography and if they weren't who would be?

The up-shot is that, in spite of hundreds of graves being dug in the church-yard over the 1000 years since, when we want to dig trenches to install water and oil-supply, we might disturb valuable evidence about Withburga : We are supposed to employ an archaeologist (with toothbrush) to sift every minute bit of soil that the mini-digger might bring up.

Well - too late! Work has begun - but we'll keep an eye open for Princess Withburga, just in case!


We hope to get on with replacing the lights in St Andrews, on the pattern of the proto-type example produced. Each wrought-iron light unit, incorporating four low-energy, long-life 100w 'bulbs' in poly-carbonate diffusers, will cost about £400.

We have already had an offer to pay for one unit. If you feel that you would like to donate in memory of a loved one, their name can be inscribed on the band which encircles the lights.

There will be four light-units in the body of the nave, and perhaps two more in the chancel.

Soon St Andrews Church will be able to extend an even warmer, brighter welcome to those who come to worship God!

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Sovereign Way Industrial Estate: Tel: 384474

Pastor: Beverley Molineaux

Youth Pastor: Jo Sankey

Pastoral Team Co-ordinators: Bernie and Jill Reed

Elders: Nick and Beth Butt, Nam and Ruth Tong, Andrew Wille

You will be most welcome to come along to join in any of the services at the "Sovereign Centre", which is now the focus of many events each week. These will be held there until building work begins on the construction of internal floors and fittings.

Sunday morning services begin at 10.30am.

For full details of services and events for January are included in the church newsletter :Phone 01366 - 384474 for your copy or, better still, call in for a coffee and a warm welcome at the Sovereign Centre.

Weekly events include: Powerhouse (for youngsters)

Tuesday Bible Study

Happitots Playgroup

The Alpha Course

The Marriage Course

Junior Church

Youth Alpha

Coffee Morning


If you are thinking about being baptised, please contact the Sovereign Centre on 384474

Chris Young

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