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Runnin' On

January 2005

Janet looks forward to her and Brians summer holiday

"Runnin' on".

Now that we are into a new year and probably into the coldest month as well, our thoughts on these winter nights turn to the annual holidays. As retirees, and with no desire to go anywhere in the summer, at a time when the garden needs our full attention, we tend to look for a Spring or Autumn holiday to extend the summer season.

So out come the catalogues with their multi savers, late deals, and very often-overstated facilities. We are quite particular over our choices, and have a few rules to stick by. We see no point in going "self catering", we do that at home. We won't do "all inclusive" because you are locked into a complex and usually there is nowhere to go outside. That leaves a couple of choices "bed and breakfast" or "half board". A few years ago after three or four years holidaying "half board", we went on a B & B and half way though the fortnight we realised that we hadn't catered enough for our eating out costs. It was working out at around £50 a day and we hadn't got that extra £700 we needed, so for a few days we drew our belts in. Which brings us the point of comparing prices, are half board holidays £700 more that b & b for the same quality? And the answer is in most cases is no.

We are also fussy about the times we go and return and like daytime flights, and for the last few years we have used Norwich airport. It beats all the larger airports hands down, is only three quarters of an hour away, has a long term car park within walking distance of the terminal building, and when you return you are out of the airport within half an hour.

You would think taking in all the criteria we have set our selves that we would have difficulty finding a holiday, but there are still many choices, and we usually find what we want. We also listen to personal references from friends. Over the years we have visited most of the Greek Islands, its mainland, all the Balearics, Portugal, and most of the Canaries, and perhaps we should try further a field but we did that while we in the R.A.F. and we would only get the same of what we go for. That is "Sun, Sand & Sea" and of course one of most folks favourite occupations, "People Watching".

But that will be another story!

J.B.T. Jan 2005

Janet Tilburn

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