River Wissey Lovell Fuller


January 2005

Graham has unearther a few more amusing signs and notices for your entertainment

Antique tables made daily - sign on a roadside shop in the USA

Warning: Do not drive whilst using this product - Printed on a packet of condoms

Jesus is coming; no bingo on Sunday - Notice outside a USA church

Caution: Water on road during rain - American road sign

Dieting group will meet at 7pm. Please use large double door at side entrance - Notice on church bulleting board

Any member of staff who needs to take the day off to go to a funeral, must advise the foreman on the morning of the match - Notice on factory notice board

Tastes so good, this box never closes! To close, place tab here - seen on American cereal packet

Half-day closing: All day Wednesday - Seen on a Norfolk shop door

Please mind the steps - Sign outside dancing academy

Graham Forster

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