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Minutes of the Favor Parker Liaison Committee

January 2005

The minutes of the December meeting of the Village Liaison Committee

Agriculture Division

Stoke Ferry Feed Mill


Wednesday 8th December 2004

Present: Ms Jacqueline Murfitt (Environmental Health Officer, King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council)

Mr Brian Harrison (Parish Council representative)

Mrs Pat Holton (Village representative)

Mr Alastair Inskip (Grampian Country Food Group)

Mr Trevor Manley (Borough Councillor)

Mr Kevin Moore (Environmental Health Officer, King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council)

Mr Andrew Murphy (Grampian Country Food Group)

Mr Gerard Rosser (Village representative)

Mr Mike Smith (Grampian Country Food Group)

Mr Ray Thompson (The Village Pump)

Mr Keith White (Grampian Country Food Group)

1. Apologies

There were no apologies.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting (6th October)

The following comments were noted in relation to the minutes of the previous meeting:

Mr Manley had sent his apologies

Mr Harrison objected to the note that Mr Smith and Mr Murphy were detained at another site; this information was only available after the meeting.

Mr Harrison and Ms Murffit both commented that the minutes were brief and did not include detail of the discussion of complaints.

Mr Harrison noted that the previous meeting was only the second that Mr Murphy had been unable to attend, not the third as stated.

3. Matters arising

Mr Harrison said that there were still squeaks from the area around the silos. These noises are occurring daily and he asked if no one was checking each shift. Mr Smith said that attention is being paid; he himself walks the perimeter daily. Two squeaks are being traced today, and as they are found they are rectified.

Mr Harrison said that the facade of Cobbles still had not been painted as had been stated although the window had been replaced for some time. Mr Smith said that he would follow this up as he had already given authorisation for this work.

Ms Murfitt said that the Environmental Protection Office (EPO) had received 2 log sheets back for action. Only two of five issues raised remain outstanding.

4. Complaints received since the last meeting

15th Oct Complaint of noise from tankers delivering minerals. The noise on the 15th had been constant. The complainant has contacted WNBC EPO regarding this complaint.

Mr Inskip presented details of bulk mineral deliveries received that week and also for the whole of October. For deliveries during October the following points were noted:

* No deliveries were received on Sundays

* The average number of deliveries per day (excluding Sundays) was 1.9

* The greatest number of deliveries in a day was 4, this occurred twice in the month on Friday 15th and Friday 29th.

* At most one delivery was received each Saturday

Deliveries of bulk minerals for week commencing 10th October

Day Methionine Limestone DCP Salt Total

Sun 10/10 0

Mon 11/10 1 1

Tue 12/10 1 1 2

Wed 13/10 1 1 2

Thu 14/10 2 2

Fri 15/10 1 1 1 1 4

Sat 16/10 1 1

Total 1 4 6 1 12

Deliveries of bulk minerals for October 2004, mean deliveries by day of week

Day Mean

Sunday 0.0

Monday 1.5

Tuesday 2.0

Wednesday 2.0

Thursday 2.0

Friday 3.2

Saturday 0.8

25th Oct Complaint of Sunday running over the previous two weekends, noise from conveyors and elevators..

1st Nov Complaint of Sunday running over the previous weekend, noise from conveyors and elevators, door left open at high level. Lorry horn sounding for several minutes on Sunday, also grinding/cutting noise. Conveyor/elevator squeaks almost constant throughout the week..

Mr Harrison commented that there was considerable noise on Sundays whether the mill was operating or not, e.g. noise from maintenance activities and traffic. Mr Smith said that he would write to all maintenance contractors involved in Sunday working and would speak with the Transport Manager.

Mr Rosser said that the noise of the mechanical shovel banging was noticeable on Sundays. Mr Smith said that he had already spoken to the contractor concerned. Mr White said that instead of using the shovel all waste would be bagged before placing in the skip

3rd Nov Noise from tanker delivery discharging late at night (finished 20.20). Complainant added to late delivery call list.

Mr Inskip said that in order to meet earlier agreements to reduce delivery noise during unsocial hours suppliers had been asked to ensure all deliveries arrived on site before 5pm (4pm Saturdays) and deliveries would not be started until 7.30am (8am Saturdays). Any delivery necessary later in the evening (e.g. due to delivery vehicle break-down) would be notified to those residents affected by the noise.

18th Nov Unbearable noise the previous night, loud mill noise. Normally audible at night but not as offensive as on this occasion. Much quieter the following day. Noise was worst 11pm-12am, may have eased by 1am.

Mr Harrison said that this was the case from time to time, the level of general noise from the mill increased. Ms Murfitt suggested that this could be linked to periods of inversion when noise would be reflected down to ground level.

25th Nov Letter detailing several complaints relating to noise from tanker deliveries, overnight noise from the factory, noise from vehicles driving over pot holes late at night. To respond after discussing at the meeting. Letter cc'd EPO.

Mr Harrison reported that the complainant was upset not to have received a response to the letter from the company.

Following discussion, it was determined that the metallic bangs reported by the complainant as being similar to lorries bouncing over pot-holes were likely to be caused by the sheets being pulled over the trailers. This is to be discussed with the Transport Manager and raised with the trailer supplier as to potential means of abating this noise.

26th Nov Squeaking from conveyors/elevators in last half hour. Bad "fishy" smell the previous night. Standard of driving has deteriorated, FP and Contract vehicles, mounting pavement on Furlong Drove to pass each other. Driving particularly hazardous now that mornings and evenings are darker.

Mr Smith said that if Mr Rosser were to ring him at the time he saw incidents of poor driving or speeding he would investigate the tachographs. Mr Harrison said that it was a frequent occurrence that drivers failed to stop at the junction on the corner.

An incident on Furlong Drove involving a contract delivery vehicle and a parked car was briefly mentioned, but is still under active investigation.

26th Nov Complaint of Sunday running over the previous weekend..

See earlier comments and also later discussion.

6th Dec Complaint received via EPO of early tanker discharge on Saturday morning (had stopped by 07.40). Another vehicle was then waiting to tip.

Two deliveries had been received on Friday; the second had been unable to complete his delivery and had parked overnight by the blown intakes. He completed his load and left Saturday morning.

Other comments received but not noted above:

Mr Harrison said that he had spoken to Mr Inskip at the time the road was closed following the fire to report two vehicles had used the bridge to leave the village, contrary to the weight limit. This was discussed at the time and although the lorries were not identified but it was believed that these were likely to have been new drivers confused by the road closure.

Ms Murfitt reported on the following complaints received by her office since the last meeting:

12th Oct Report of a fall of fine yellow dust on the 11th. It was determined that this was pollen from Acer trees confused by the unseasonable weather.

15th Oct Noise from deliveries. Log sheet sent to complainant but not returned.

See earlier comments.

25th Oct Four complaints with regard to Sunday working.

12th Nov Complaint with regard to Sunday working.

See later discussion regarding weekend working.

29th Nov Noise approximately 7pm Saturday night similar to that of a lorry blowing, background hum.

29th Nov Excessive noise from factory, see comments in company complaint section above.

1st Dec Query received concerning operating hours and conditions of factory authorisation.

8th Dec Early morning delivery on Saturday, finished at 07.40. This was confirmed by the company as a delivery held over from the previous night. See earlier comments.

7th Dec Lorry movements, accident at the weekend and the use of the Furlong weighbridge.

Ms Murfitt said that in the last quarter there had been 23 complaints against the company and the Council was concerned that there was a groundswell of opinion against the company. Ms Murfitt informed the meeting that the council had been approached concerning a co-option via the Parochial Council. This was discussed at some length. There was strong representation against this suggestion, Mrs Holton, Mr Rosser and Mr Thompson all being independent village representatives. Further, a call for feedback on the functioning of the Liaison meeting published in the minutes in the Village Pump hade produced only one response.

5. Noise

Mr Thompson said that there was a continuing problem with noise around the mill.

Mr Rosser suggested that as much of the noise complaints related to the discharge of mineral tankers, could this area have shrouding or baffles around it?

There was discussion of mineral tanker deliveries and weekend noise, it was determined that some of the noise was due to the sucker/blower vehicle being used to clean bins. Mr Smith said he would control the times this vehicle was used for this purpose and chutes would be fitted later in the week that would reduce the need to use the sucker/blower.

6. Transport

There was a general discussion on vehicle speed. It was agreed that careful, slower drivers were quieter through the village. The voluntary 20mph limit was agreed to be a good thing, but there were questions as to its enforcement. It was observed that speeds around lunchtimes were thought to be greater.

An active speed warning sign was suggested, Mr Manley agreed to investigate details and provide them to Mr Inskip.

Ms Murfitt suggested that a representative of County Highways could be invited to a future meeting to discuss transport related matters.

7. Odour, dust and particulates

The operation of the clean air units was discussed and Mr Smith said he would provide details of the maintenance schedules to Ms Murfitt.

Mrs Holton noted that the spray by the Village Hall a had returned in the last few weeks.

Mr Harrison said that the smell had been appalling in the last month.

Ms Murfitt said that she and Mr Moore had been monitoring closely when visiting Stoke Ferry or it's environs and asked if the resident were sure that the smell was always coming from the mill. The residents confirmed that they were sure.

Mr Rosser said that he had noticed smell by the Village Hall of rotten fish.

Ms Murfitt said that she had noticed a smell in the area of the Anglian Water plant.

Mr Thompson said that that smell was different, as was the smell from the chicken unit when that was being cleaned out.

Mr Harrison asked what was causing the red discolouration on the roof.

Mr Inskip said that he believed it to be algae. Ms Murfitt said that the Council would like to take samples.Mr Harrison said there was still evidence of leaks around the silos and wheat spillage on the road.

Mr Rosser said that he had seen a Heygates trailer covered in dust driving up from the Mill to Furlong. Mr Inskip said that Heygates delivered midds a by-product of flour milling that varied in consistency and could be quite dusty. Delivery vehicles are to sweep down before leaving the site, if the company can be advised if vehicles are seen that have not been swept down this will be taken up with the supplier.

8. Any other business

(i) Extended hours (Saturday night and Sunday day working)

Ms Murfitt asked what intentions the company had for working the Christmas period. Mr Smith said that the additional shift per weekend would continue through Christmas, and it was likely that the weekend before Christmas it would be necessary to run right through the weekend.

Mr Thompson said that six months ago the level of vehicle movements associated with the mill had visibly decreased, since then the vehicle activity has increased, would this higher level of activity continue?

Mr Murphy said that historically the level of business at the mill varied. In the last six to nine months the level of production has been at its lowest for some time. At the present time the level of business is higher. It is intended to continue production at 8,500 tonnes per week working a 6-day week. There are no intentions to run the mill seven days per week on a permanent basis, but on occasion it may be necessary to run additional shifts on Saturday nights or Sunday days.

Mr Harrison said that the increased hours had lead to the impression that the company did not care about the residents.

Mr Murphy said that he felt this impression is unfair, in reviewing the minutes of previous meetings he felt that the liaison meeting had achieved much to a timescale driven by the committee.

Mr Harrison said that previous improvements had been noted and were to be commended, however he was concerned with recent events, the increase in lorry movements through the village, increased operating hours, increased smell and noise.

Ms Murfitt said that previous good work has created expectations that have not been met recently and the council, village and company must work together.

Ms Murfitt asked for clarification on the normal production hours. Mr Inskip said that production started at 6pm Sunday and continued until 6pm Saturday.

Mr Harrison asked how this compared to the capacity of the mill. Mr Murphy said that the production capacity of the mill was dependent upon the product mix being manufactured; with the right type of diet the mill was capable of 10,000 tonnes per week.

Mr Harrison said that increased production would increase lorry movements. Mr Smith said that the number of lorry movements involved in distributing a given level of tonnage was dependent upon the fill ratio of loads, i.e. how full each delivery vehicle is which can vary depending upon the size of orders placed.

Mr Rosser asked if there was an intention to continue running seven days per week. Mr Murphy said that the extra running was not forecast and it was intended to return to 6 day running as soon after Christmas as possible.

Mr Rosser referred to Mr Robsons quote in an earlier meeting that the council would review the authorisation in the light of continued Sunday operating. Ms Murfitt said that the council would be looking to take further air quality monitoring on dust and particulates.

(ii) Housekeeping

Ms Murfitt asked about the weekend cleaning arrangements.

Mr Smith said that cleaning was undertaken under contract, and there were two separate contracts. One covers the routine mid-week cleaning, and the second specifically covers weekend cleaning including those areas identified in these meetings.

There then followed a discussion of cleaning, spillages and monitoring of cleaning performance.

Mr Harrison asked what arrangements could be made for responding to complaints in Mr Inskips absence. It was agreed that if all complaints are made to his direct line (502 385) then arrangements could be made via the voicemail message and call forwarding for another manager to receive the message.

It was noted that a large of the meeting was concerned with transport issues.

Mrs Holton said that she was pleased to see Mr Murphy attend the meeting. Mr Murphy said that he was pleased to attend; it was not his intention to attend every meeting but would attend at least one meeting per year.

Mr Smith said he was concerned about the amount of property damage occurring in the village. Mr Harrison said this was recognised as a problem in the village. A successful meeting was held with the young people of the village to plan a way forward.

Mr Thompson suggested that the company cold publish a monthly article in the Village Pump to communicate what was happening in the mill to the residents.

Mr Thompson thanked the company for providing a bottle of Grampian whisky for the Residents Association raffle to raise funds for the football team, and also for providing facilities for the Residents Association meeting.

9. Dates of Meetings for 2005

2.30pm, Wednesday 2nd March 2005

2.30pm, Wednesday 1st June 2005

2.30pm, Wednesday 7th September 2005

2.30pm, Wednesday 7th December 2005

Alastair Inskip

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