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Minutes of Stoke Ferry Resident's Association Annual General Meeting

January 2005

Minutes of the First Resident's Association AGM

Held on Monday 6th December 2004 In the Village Hall

Present: Ray Thompson Deputy Chairman, Tim Read Treasurer, 6 committee members plus 14 members of the public.

1. Apologies were received from Robin Kerr - Chairman and Guy de Montfort committee member.

2. Approval of Constitution. Proposed by Michael Precey. Seconded by Brian Harrison that Constitution be approved. Carried unanimously.

3. Election of Committee. All committee members had indicated that they were prepared to continue although Robin Kerr had stated he wished to stand down as Chairman. Proposed by John Baxter and seconded by Sybil Baxter that committee be re-elected. Carried unanimously

4. Election of Officers:

a. Chairman. Proposed (by proxy) by Guy de Montfort and seconded by Alan Whitford that Brian Harrison be elected Chairman. There were no other nominations and the proposal was carried by a majority vote with two abstentions.

b. Election of Secretary. There were no nominations for this post and it was agreed that the post should be advertised in the Village Pump.

c. Treasurer. Nominated by Ray Thompson and seconded by Mandy Leamon that Tim Read be re-elected Treasurer. Proposal carried unanimously.

d. Vice Chairman. Nominated by Brian Harrison and seconded by Tim Read that Ray Thompson should be re-elected as Vice Chairman. Proposal carried unanimously.

5. Membership subscriptions. The subscription proposals of the constitution were approved but the meeting felt that formal introduction of the system should be deferred until the next General Meeting.

6. Any Other Business.

a. Members sought clarification on the relationship of the Association to the Borough Council and the Parish Council and after some discussion it was felt that a member of the Borough Council should be invited to attend Association meetings.

b. Members reported that the Telephone Box on The Hill had been vandalised. The meeting encouraged members to report such activities to the police on the basis that the more reports made the more likely that action would be taken.

c. Committee actions. The Vice Chairman reported that he had received responses to his written queries from King's Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council (Environmental Health and the Chief Planning Officer) and from the police.

The meeting closed at 8.40 pm after which a raffle was held to raise funds for the Stoke Ferry FC Training Facility. A bottle of malt whisky donated by Grampian Foods raised £22 to add to the £180. raised previously. The winner of the raffle was Barbara Precey. The evening concluded with light refreshments provided by Dawn Beckwith.

Ray Thompson

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