River Wissey Lovell Fuller


January 2005

Graham brings us a humourous assessment of our visitors from across "The Pond"

The gaffes made by tourists from the USA are legendary. Here are a few that I have heard recently:

Why ever did they build Windsor Castle on the Heathrow flight path?

If this is the sixteen Chapel, where are the other fifteen? (Heard,obviously, in the Cistine Chapel).

Was the Coliseum built as a ruin?

Did Moses sit for Michelangelo?

What time is the One O'clock gun fired? (heard at Edinburgh Castle)

If this is the River Severn, where are the other six?

Oh, this is Anne Hathaway's cottage; is she at home?

Before we all laugh too much, this is a tiny fraction of remarks made on holidays, less than four percent. The average American is very knowledgeable and quite often corrects guides, according to the British Tourist Authority. They also tend to be some of the most pleasant people who come over here.

Graham Forster

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