River Wissey Lovell Fuller

A Story from Australia

January 2005

Ron puts his tongue firmly in his cheek to bring us the sad story of a kangaroo killed in an RTA

Although it is not widely known there is a species of the kangaroo family that is smaller than a kangaroo and black in colour, scientific name micropodidae niger. It is a rare species and in typical Oz fashion, it is simply referred to by most as a 'rarey'. It is protected by law; deliberately killing one of these creatures is strictly forbidden and an accidental killing has to be reported to the police.

On an occasion in the early hours when two young lads were driving their four wheel drive ute back to their cattle station, after spending time in the nearest town, and when both were still suffering the effects of over indulgence, they hit something in the dark. They got out to see what it was and the passenger exclaimed "Blimey mate you've gone and killed a bloody rarey, what are we gonna do?" His mate thought for a while and then said "No worries, chuck it on the back, I know where we can dump it where it will never be found".

They then drove a distance off the road before the driver stopped and said to his mate bring it over here and he stood on the edge of a natural fissure in the rock with a sheer drop of over 200ft down to bottom. "Here you are" said the driver "Chuck it down there". His mate looked over the edge before exclaiming "It's a long way to tip a rarey".

Ron Watts

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