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"Runnin' On"

December 2004

Janet expresses her concerns about Christmas presents

I am writing this a bit earlier than I would normally get around to doing it. Hoping I'll get into the Christmas mood and find time to encourage the downhearted about the occasion that seems to fill most grown ups with apprehension.

Thinking about presents worry us, buying something that may be totally unwanted is easily done, but, if we have a ponder about it, it may be a favourite food for some people. How about looking through your photo collection, are there any photos of you and your friends? Most people enjoy looking at school photos. I have some that were taken in the forties. A friend who now lives in Australia came here for a holiday and we spent many happy hours searching for familiar faces in our school group photos.

I'm sure an enlarged copy would be welcome to your special pals. If you have a computer you can make copies for them. Grandchildren will have a laugh and be able to compare your school photos with their more modern ones.

I have a photocopy of my great grand parents and their large family; I did manage to sort out most of the people in the group. I'll have to suggest that we have a competition to name as many of the people as we can. I have just had a look for some of the family photos but there are so many, I just couldn't find the ones I wanted to. I can picture them in my mind though, large ladies laced into dresses that must have been extremely uncomfortable. Moustached gentlemen looking as though they couldn't wait to get back into their usual clothes.

I'm expecting the first Christmas cards any day, they will be a lovely change from the junk mail that usually litters our door mat! Still some of it is alright and very occasionally quite nice. We had one this week asking for donations to a donkey sanctuary, when I remember where I have put it, I will send the donkeys their Christmas present. I have a soft spot for donkeys.

I'm pleased to say that I have found the letter from the donkey appeal, included is a cardboard case for three £1 coins, I will fill it up and post it off to the charity today. When I get started on our Christmas decorations each year our stable always has a donkey in it, Mr T made the stable and it has cattle too.

Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus are at the front of the stable, there are sheep, lambs and shepherds. Three wise men carrying their gifts stand on the edge of the scene. I always enjoy setting it all out, Toby the cat usually does a few alterations, paper angels are his favourite targets. I put them on the stable roof and around the stable and somehow the angels survive all the moves inflicted on them.

That's about all for now, Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year.

Janet Tilburn. December. 2004.

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