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Minutes of Stoke Ferry Resident's Association Cttee

December 2004

Committee minutes from the Resident's Association

Meeting of the Stoke Ferry Resident's Association Committee

Held in Stoke Ferry Village Hall

On Monday 8th November 2004 at 7.30pm

1. Present: Robin Kerr Chairman, Nathan Allen, Glen Kaveny, Roy Summers, Ray Thompson,Alan Whitford


The Chairman welcomed the committee and said that apologies for absence had been received from Guy de Montfort. He felt that the fire in the next building may have prevented other members from attending.

3. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: were approved.

4. ACTIONS ARISING: all actions completed.

5. ASSOCIATION CONSTITUTION: after discussions some further amendments to the constitution was agreed and the committee endorsed a proposal to submit the amended version to the forthcoming AGM.

6 FINANCE: in the absence of the Treasurer there was nothing to report under this item.


1. Secretary.

The Vice Chairman reported that he head received no response to the advert in the Village Pump for a Secretary and nor had Dawn Beckwith had and success in finding a recruit. Nathan Allen agreed to approach a possible candidate.

2. Chairman

The Chairman advised the Committee that he intended to stand down as Chairman at the AGM but would be pleased to continue as a committee member.

8. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING : It was agreed that the Annual general Meeting would be held as planned on Monday 6th December 2004 and that the Draft Constitution should be submitted to that meeting for approval.


1. Bridge Road Hedge. This problem has been resolved by the council.

2. Grampian Mill. The Vice Chairman advised that he had received a complaint from a village resident regarding recent Sunday working by the Mill. He said he had spoken to Grampian who advised that he take up the matter through the Chairman of the Village Liaison Group. Nathan Allen sought confirmation that this would not lead to a "witch-hunt" against Grampian and was assured this was not the case. It was, however, necessary to establish Grampian's intentions regarding future Sunday work. Vice Chairman to write to David Robson Principle EHO, the Chairman of Liaison Committee

3. Fire in High Street Store

The Vice Chairman advised that he had been briefed by the Parish Council that the High Street would remain closed until the old Stores Building had been made safe. The most likely method of achieving this was total demolishing of the remaining structure.

If the building was fully demolished, this would give access to a large piece of land stretching through to The Furlong which could be used for low cost housing. Similar plans were being considered for Romer Farm. The Committee considered it would be pertinent for the Vice Chairman to write to the Planning Officer asking for the Association to be kept informed of any possible house building plans. Action Vice Chairman to write to planning officer

4. Speeding in Bridge Road

Roy Summers advised that he had witnessed frequent speeding in Bridge Road and other members said there was a similar problem elsewhere in the Village. It was agreed that the Vice Chairman should write to Norfolk Constabulary asking for irregular but frequent speed checks in the village. Action Vice Chairman to write to Norfolk Constabulary asking for speed checks.

5. Group leaders.

In response to an invitation from the committee, Mally Reeve (representing the Village Hall and Stoke Ferry Stompers) Gayle Boughen (representing the Playing Fields Association) and Seth Charlesworth (Representing Little Oaks) joined the discussion. Apologies had been received from Joyce Hull (Stoke Ferry & District Ladies Group)

6. SFRA Sponsored Charity Football Match

The Chairman advised that he was arranging a Charity football match between Stoke Ferry FC and old Stoke Ferry players on 21 November on the playing field to raise funds for training equipment. The match would be followed by a social event in the Blue Bell and a raffle. Donations would be sought from local business' for raffle prizes.


It was agreed that the date of the next meeting should be left until after the AGM, but it was noted that further meetings in the Village Hall would be difficult to schedule.

The meeting closed at 8.15pm

Ray Thompson

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