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Letter from Mrs Proctor

December 2004

Ann unearths an unusual poem about the Wissey villages

Church Farm


Dear Sir,

My husband Ralph and I were having lunch in the Brandon fish & chip restaurant when we were joined by an elderly lady we had never met.

She told us she lived in Brandon now but her younger years were spent in Feltwell. We told her we lived in Boughton and she then told us the little poem below that her father would repeat to her when she was a child:

Wereham, Dereham, Wretton and Stoke,

Four little villages all in a poke.

The poke was so big, the villages so small

They put little Boughton in with them all!

I thought this might interest some of your readers and perhaps jog someone's memory. I wonder if there is a reason behind the poem, maybe something to do with boundaries in the past.

Yours sincerely,

Ann Proctor

PS The lady's name was Mrs. S Caban.

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