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December Editorial

December 2004

This months message from our Editor

May I start by saying a big thank you to all our regular contributors for letting me have their Christmas items nice and early? It really does reduce the pressure on the production team.

Being the Christmas season, we have a bumper edition for you to enjoy. There are no less than three prize competitions; the Christmas crossword from Crateagus, a missing link quiz from the Village Hall fund raisers and a Christmas carol quiz from Mavis Smith. They should get those sluggish brains moving over the sherry and mince pies!

I am delighted to tell you that I have struck a deal with the Group 4 production team who produce the church newsletter for Barton Bendish & Eastmoor, Beachamwell, Boughton, Shingham & Drymere and Wereham. In future the village letters from Boughton and Wereham will be sent to me for inclusion in the Village Pump. Perhaps someone in Stoke Ferry, West Dereham, Whittington and Wretton would like to take on a similar task for their villages? They don't have to be enormous contributions; just a few notes on village activities and events.

More good news, especially for our stalwart collators. Norfolk Copiers of Norwich offered us such an excellent trade in discount on our old Rex Rotary copy printer that we have been able to move up a model with, I hope, noticeably better printing capabilities for pictures and drawings. I would be pleased to hear our readers view after they have studied this issue.

I have received more expressions of concern at the continued incidents of speeding through Stoke Ferry. Indeed, the recently formed Resident's Association has written to the Norfolk Constabulary Traffic Department asking if speed cameras could visit the village on various occasions leading up to Christmas. Of particular concern to local residents is the speed of vehicles on the main village throughway; Lynn Road, High Street and Bridge Road. The concerned residents all point out that several small children live along these roads as do several domestic animals. So please! Do kill your speed before you kill a child.

As we move towards another happy Christmas get together with our families and friends, perhaps we could all spare a thought for the families of those members of the armed forces who are currently serving in Iraq and other foreign fields. Whether the war is legal or not, right or wrong, the members of our armed forces have no choice but to serve where they are sent. Their families back home will find it hard to enjoy this Christmas knowing that their loved ones are at risk through no fault of their own.

To end on a more cheerful note, can I, on behalf of The Village Pump team, wish all our readers, contributors and advertisers a very happy Christmas and a prosperous and healthy 2005. And please, if you have a drink, don't drive. We now have a number of taxi services within the community who will be more than happy to take the strain while you have the fun.

Ray Thompson

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