River Wissey Lovell Fuller


November 2004

A haunting poem from the past


This was passed to me by an Old RAF colleague. He says he was doing a bit of research and he came across the following which he hadn't seen in years. It was written by a girl he dated when he was at EFTS in Carlisle in September 1942 and he thought I'd pass it on. She gave it to him one evening when they were at a dance. He left the following day and never saw her again.


A friendly face, you seldom frown,

Two freckled eyes of green and brown,

Fair wavy hair and smile so true,

All these things combined, are you.

You Boy who tries to win the right

To venture up in solo flight,

And then for silver wings you'll try

As hours more alone, you'll fly.

And then to guard your friends you'll go,

To watch o'er land you love below.

So when you take off on each flight,

Be it by day or through the night,

Remember then, dear pilot do,

That good-luck wishes fly with you

Over the land and over the sea,

Good luck wishes, just from me.


He days, I wonder what became of her; she was a lovely and sweet girl.


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