River Wissey Lovell Fuller

More Strange but True Notices

November 2004

Be prepared for a chuckle at some of the silly things put on lables and notices


Serving suggestion: Defrost On a range of frozen dinners

Out to lunch. If not back by five, out to dinner also Outside a photographer's shop

The farmer allows walkers to cross his field for free, but the bull charges. Notice in a field

Closed due to illness Notice in a health-food shop window

Do not iron clothes on body On packaging for a steam iron

Same day dry cleaning. All garments ready in 48 hours In a dry-cleaners window

After opening, keep upright On the top of a milk bottle

Low self-esteem group meets Thursday at 7pm. Please use the back door Sign in a church hall

Please do not feed the elephants. If you have any buns or peanuts, give them to the keeper on duty Notice in a Zoo

Graham Forster

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