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November 2004

Matt talks about "remembering" and invites us all to put our thinking caps on

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Dear Friends,

I do not know about you but I am really bad when it comes to remembering things. If people tell me their names I have forgotten it before they have finished their sentence. If I do not have a 'things to do list then' I forget what I have to do! Perhaps you are like me and can understand the problems I have. Forgetting makes you feel completely disorientated. I think however that our culture is quite forgetful. I do not mean that everybody is constantly forgetting, rather that we rarely take time out to remember the important things of life.

I bet I can demonstrate this at a simple level. If I name a few older television programmes like 'Muffin the Mule' or 'Andy Pandy' then you instantly think of some fond memories. I am sure there are other occasions when memories from the dark and distant past are jogged. There is something good about remembering and I feel we are in danger of forgetting lots of things more important than Andy Pandy!

This month of November is all about remembering, as we call to mind and give thanks for the lives of those who fought and died in wars around the world so that we might live in peace. As well this important remembering, I invite you, during this month, to remember some other things. Perhaps, the past, the people who have touched your life. Take a moment to thank God for them. Also, and maybe most importantly, remember that there is a God who loves you no matter your age, your waist line, you hair colour, your gifts or talents, completely unconditionally!

If we can help you in anyway please come to our chapel or call one of the names above.

Every blessing, Matt

Rev Matt Finch

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