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Wereham PC Minutes - September

October 2004

Minutes of the September meeting of Wereham PC

Minutes of the meeting of the Wereham Parish Council held on Tuesday 14th September 2004 in

The Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.

1. Present: R. Lankfer - Chairman, Mrs. Willis, D. Pickston, P. Markwell,

G. Clere and a member of the public.

2. Apologies: C. Humphries and the Community Police Officer.

3. Minutes: G. Clere proposed and R. Lankfer seconded that the minutes of the meeting held on 13th July 2004 be signed as a correct record.

4. Matters Arising: Electricity Maintenance contract - a new contract will be put into operation by David Webster during October. Some footpaths have had work carried out but further work is required on the following: - Crown Gardens to James shop: in front of Manor House towards Flegg Green and around the corner to Sunnyside. Mr. Clere confirmed that the Algea on the pond is caused by nitrogen and phosphate and will improve as the weather cools but in the Spring it may well be worth while putting Barley Straw in to help prevent it recurring. No-where Lane still needs attention. The tyres in Cavenham Road have been removed.

5. Planning Decisions: Mr. & Mrs. Fisher Back Lane - approved. Mr. & Mrs. Baddock Chile House - approved.

6. Planning Application: Mr. & Mrs. Brown, Village Shop Listed Building - approval.

7 . Payments: None

8. Correspondence: Victim Support Norfolk - request for donation - noted. Request by Mr. & Mrs. Brown for Parish Council support for Grants for their proposed project. N.C.C. Bus timetable: N.C.C. notification of haunch work in College Road: N.C.C. Transport Plan: N.C.C. Link: N.R.C.C. Signpost: N.C.A. of P & T Councils Clerks and Councillors Training: Local Government Employees Code of Conduct: Norfolk Police Authority: and Wayland Prison confirmation that the Parish Council donation has been sent to Quidenham Hospice - all noted. Norfolk Police Authority letter requesting information of Parish Magazine correspondent - Clerk to supply same. Rights of Access document - noted.

9. Any Other Business: Clerk to organise removal of fish from Pond, cutting of Cemetery hedge and repair and re-erection of litter bin at Village Hall. Reports have been received of vehicles parking on the footpath in Church Road and Crown Gardens. The drain at the edge of the pond on St. Margaret's Hill appears to have collapsed, the surface of the road in School Lane is cracking, the surface of the footpath from Crown Gardens to James shop is very uneven and rubbish appears to have been dumped on the grass verge to the rear of the Old Nags Head - Clerk to contact the County Council. Stones and gravel are being dragged onto the highway from the Charlton House development - clerk to contact the Police. The hedges outside The Beeches in The Row, along Cavenham Road and in front of the Manor House all need cutting - clerk to contact the owners.


The meeting closed at 8.55 p.m.

Parish Clerk

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