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The Right to Work

October 2004

Alan tells us about his new website

The people of Stoke Ferry should be made aware that there is a crank among them - someone to be avoided lest he button-holes the unwary. I, Alan Whitford, am that crank. I'm a 'right-to-work' crank, always ready to drone on and on and on about my obsession.

My message is that a statutory right to work - jobs for all - is essential for confidence in the survival of our democracy. It is based on a new view of history which sees past studies of human conflict as fundamentally flawed in the underplay of a paramount factor. Unemployment is that factor. It's a factor systematically underrated because of a mysterious phenomenon called Submergency, which leads to a distorted view of history.

Thus there is failure to see unemployment as the basic cause of most major conflicts such as the French, Bolshevik and Nazi Revolutions, World Wars I and II and the coming World War III.

All this is explained in www.f-u-r-i.co.uk -the 'Jobs-For-All' website.

So beware of a decrepit old man with wild eyes and a white beard, tottering along the roads of Stoke Ferry.

On the other hand, a crank is useful in starting things to work.

Alan Whitford

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