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Stoke Ferry & District Ladies Group

October 2004

Input from the Stoke Ferry Ladies Group

21 members attended the September meeting.

The speaker was Mr. David Benefer who gave an interesting talk on flower arranging. He is responsible for all the flower and table arrangements at Sandringham House. The arrangements made during his talk were kindly given to us to put in out raffle.

Mrs. D Armsby gave the vote of thanks.

Birthday poises were made by Mrs. T. Daly.

Raffle winners were: Mesdames C. Lankfer, S. Amies, J. Carter, C. Thurlbourne, R. Sorrel, A. May and G. Smith.

The next meeting will be held on 6th October 2004 at 7 pm and will be our Harvest Supper.

Joyce Hull

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