River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Sausage & Apple Turnovers

October 2004

A savoury recipe to titillate your taste buds

Makes 6 Turnovers


For the Pastry

275 g / 10 oz wholewheat flour

Pinch of salt

1 teaspoon dark brown Barbados sugar

75 g / 3 oz lard

3 tablespoons water

For the filling

450 g / 1 lb sausage meat

2 lambs kidneys (optional)

1 medium sized onion

225 g / 8 oz cooking apples

Salt and pepper

A little milk to glaze



1. Mix together flour, salt and sugar

2. Rub in fats

3. Mix to firm dough with the water. Knead lightly until smooth and basin becomes clean.

The Filling

1. Put sausage meat in a mixing bowl. Remove skin from kidneys and cut them in half around the edge. Take out the white core. Cut-up kidneys into 1cm / 1/2 inch pieces and add to the sausage meat.

2. Peel and grate the onion. Grate the apple without peeling it.

3. Mix onion and apple into sausage meat with a little salt and pepper.

4. Prepare a large space, lightly floured for rolling out the pastry. Divide dough into two equal-sized pieces. Work each piece into a brick-shaped lump. This will make it easier to roll out as required.

5. Roll out each piece into a rectangle 15 cm x 46 cm / 6 inches x 18 inches.

6. Divide each piece into three equal portions. Each portion will be 15 cm / 6 inches square and there will be six portions.

7. Place even quantities of the filling on to each square.

8. Brush edges of pastry with water. Fold them corner to corner to make triangles. Press edges together to seal well.

9. Brush each turnover with milk and make three cuts in the top of each one to let out the steam.

10. Lift them on to a large baking sheet. Bake on centre shelf of moderately hot oven (Gas 6, 400 degreesF, 200 degreesC) for 45 minutes when they will be golden brown and cooked.

11. Serve hot or cold.

Ray Thompson

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