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More silly, but genuine signs

October 2004

Graham finds more piercingly obvious signs top amuse us

More Silly Signs & Notices (All true)

From Graham Forster

Wait for green man to cross - Seen at pedestrian crossing.

Automatic washing machines. Please remove all clothes when light goes out - Sign in a launderette.

Suitable for vegetarians - On a bottle of mineral water.

Bear talks at 15.00 hours - Notice on a bear cage at Whipsnade Zoo.

This door is not to be used as an exit or entrance - Sign on a door at a New York Post Office.

No trespassing without permission - Notice at a gate of some church property.

The Bull Bed and Breakfast Take Courage - Notice outside a West Country pub.

Product will be hot after heating - With the instructions of a pre-packaged bread pudding.

Please help puffins keep to the path - Sign at a Scottish Nature Reserve.

Graham Forster

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