River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter to the Editor

October 2004

A resident tells us how he suffered flooding during the recent rains

Dear Ray,

Your readers will know about the heavy rains we have had lately. Well, I was flooded last month, but luckily I was out at the time. I had heard King's Lynn people talking about being flooded and wondered how on earth they coped. Well, now I know!

Although it was rather traumatic, I have finally got my house dried out although there are still some things I have to sort out. My worry is "Can I afford to replace all the damaged items?" I was insured, but getting money out of the insurance company is like get blood from a stone.

The good side is that my home will have a nice new look about it as a result of this mishap. I have to be grateful I was insured; my neighbour wasn't and she doesn't even have life insurance. I am always concerned about my future; you never know what is in store for you. Who would have thought some of my friends would die so young or that I would lose my dear Mum seven years ago?

Still, I have to count my blessings. I can still walk even if I do have some health problems. And the good news is that I am shortly to be re-fitted with new carpets throughout. It looks as if my prayers have been answered which will take a great weight of my mind, I can tell you. Mind you, you wouldn't believe the smell from the dirty water that flooded my home. I have to open the windows to get some fresh air.

From your friend, as always,



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