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Letter from Nibbs Salon

October 2004

Nibbs Salon takes Brian Harrison to task

Nibbs Salon

Buckenham Drive

Stole Ferry

Dear Ray,

In reply to the letter in the August Edition "How lucky we are to live in Stoke Ferry" which listed several amenities, which we are urged to use, I find it hard to believe that Mr. Harrison failed to list the Chip Shop and Hair Salon both located right in the centre of the village.

I have to agree that we in the Salon and Chip Shop are also lucky to be able to work with some loyal and wonderful customers. We have had some problems in the past but, hopefully, this is over and done with and we can continue to be of service to this lovely village. During the recent re-juvenation of the Chip Shop and the Hair Salon, which included the fitting of new windows and doors and the connection of both businesses to the main sewer, bollards were in place which prevented normal parking for our staff. Hence the temporary need to park on the grass but not "On the footpath" as stated in the September Edition under Parish Council Minutes. We cannot be held responsible for other people's parking habits.

In addition to serving the community professionally, both businesses also get involved in Stoke Ferry and surrounding village fund raising events and long may this continue.

Yours sincerely,

Nibbs Salon


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