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Les writes to the Editor

October 2004

Les Lawrence responds to recent items by Brian Harrison and Marion Clarke

Dear Editor,

In the August edition Brian Harrison wrote about what he thought were some of the good things about living in Stoke Ferry. In the September issue, we had Marion Clarke's contribution, having, she said, been "inspired" by Brian's letter.

Both letters have now "inspired" me to make my contribution; it's as if I'm saying, "switch the TV off and let's have a think about this, or equally important, anything else. So what am I thinking about then? Well let's start off with our Village Pump; what I like about it is first a charge is made which supports my argument that if you want something in this world you should pay for it. Second, our Pump covers a number of villages which to me makes sense; this idea of each village having their own "Pump" is crazy.

Staying with our Pump, I'm sure there are some people who don't buy it but "borrow" it from whoever; sorry but just how mean can you get? Notice how I refer to "our" Pump? Even though I live in Methwold I buy it, then I read it, and I contribute to it, so of course it's my Pump, which again tells me we are all in this together.

Consider Methwold High School. Would anyone suggest we pull it down and each village build their own? Well hardly. I have just read where it will now be harder to close some village schools. It seems that the village schools in West Dereham, Beachamwell, and Barroway Drove have all closed since 1993. Should they have closed? Of course they should; if you don't agree then you disagree with the Methwold High concept.

If we consider Religion, a number of our Chapels have been sold to the domestic market and this trend will, and should, continue. If you approve of a Chapel in every village then you are allowing sentimentality to cloud your judgement.

One of the interesting things I think is that although I don't like looking back I'm well aware that history repeats itself. If we go back to Methwold High most of the pupils go there from different villages by public transport and this form of transport will come more and more to the fore in the years to come. As a result there will be more integration within villages.

If you consider the car it has done wonders for mobility but has been responsible for much of the segregation you see today. Years ago we travelled to variety shows at the Pilot and Majestic at Lynn by bus; today it's the Corn Exchange, by car, isolating ourselves from each other.

Just a final thought. I have just read that a young lady has been appointed Headmaster at Methwold High. Well it's taken 50 years, but we have got there, but then I knew we would.

Now we can go back to watching Coronation Street. You might say it's better than reading this

rubbish; don't you believe it.

Les Lawrence

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